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my vote for 2 new webmail features

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I'm sure that these are `on the list' but thought I'd mention them here.

Would be great to see the email address along with, or instead of the username. Almost all my spam/held email have proper names - and many many have stupid email addresses like xfww7872[at]hotmail.com. It would make scanning the 100's of held email faster.

Also from a geek point of view I'd like to be able to see the Spamcop Disposition header from the inbox/message list view. Actually, being able to see that it was only SpamAssassin that blocked the email would be useful as it is responsible for most of my false positives.

If enough people agree hopefully we can get JT to put it high on his list.

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I'd also like to see the email address on the webmail screen. Making it and the full name both checkable options would allow more personal freedom.

Seeing the disposition for Held Mail would also be very helpful in identifying false positives there.

Also, on my 800x600 screen with preview enabled, I've noticed that the page always displays too wide, presenting a horizontal scrollbar. Almost no other decent system I use does that. Can you get rid of the hard widths, shifting the bias towards height vs. width? This would also help people browsing from even smaller screens, like handhelds.


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