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My whole network block is blocked


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Hello spam Cop , I work in a ISP company in Ecuador Impsat Ecuador , and one of our clients it's getting this

gaby[at]inteli8.com en 18/01/2006 15:28

El formato de la dirección de correo electrónico no es correcto. Compruebe la dirección, busque el destinatario en la Libreta de direcciones o póngase en contacto directo con el mismo para obtener la dirección correcta.

< inet.tecnamec.local #5.1.3 SMTP; 553 200.31.24.* rejected due to spam, contact 480-505-8877 (Spamcop>

As you can see the hole 200.31.24 has been blocked, but the ip it's not listed and neither the mail server of my cliente (

Please Any comments on this.

Pablo Barriga T

Internet Operations

Impsat Ecuador


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Hi Pablo, you are quite right that IP is not listed in SCBL but it is listed in other places:


That includes lack of reverse DNS. Some people report SCBL even though they use other BL to reject your e-mail.

There are past reports of abuse here:


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The server does not appear to be listed by Spamcop, so I'm guessing that the receiving ISP is simply using that as a generic error message.

A quick look on senderbase does show that it is listed on list.dsbl.org however.

Going to their page and reviewing the information provided indicates that your mail servers are possibly open relays, allowing anyone to send mail through them without any kind of validation.

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Please Any comments on this.


To add to what the others have noted, I see that SpamCop states:

host = lutrol1492.impsat.net.ec (cached)

No recent reports, no history available

This would add credibility to the possibilty that SpamCop is being used as a generic label for all block lists.


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Please "contact 480-505-8877" (Technical Support for GoDaddy Software in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, Country Code 1) and speak to one of the GoDaddy Technical Support Representatives that can clear the block, email those same Representatives via support[at]supportwebsite.com, or find another way for your customer to contact their intended recipient. Thanks!

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