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i have received below delivery failure report :

and my ip is not *21.

553 210.212.129.* rejected due to spam, contact 480-505-8877  (Spamcop

why this delivery failure report came b'cause my ip is not block  ?


Sometimes the person who sends the rejection message uses a different blocklist, but the message still says 'SpamCop'

Sometimes by the time you look at the SpamCop blocklist, the IP address is no longer listed.

Someone else here on the forum may look up whether your IP address is on other blocklists or whether it was on the spamcop blocklist in the past. They may tell you more.

Miss Betsy

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Share on other sites would not be your IP address, it would be the IP address of the mail server you are using to send. Oddly enough, I'm not finding any PTR records for the IP address. Are you sending through your ISPs smarthost or SMTP server, or do you have a mail server running locally?

That IP address IS listed in list.dsbl.org as an open proxy, which may be your problem. If you've got an open proxy, spammers will find it, and will abuse it to send their spews.

I would suggest contacting your ISP if you are using their mail server, and request that they correct the problem.

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