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Spamcop after virus / spyware attack


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i cant send it ... i get the following error...

Task 'mail.stelogic.com - Sending and Receiving' reported error (0x800CCC78) : 'Unable to send the message. Please verify the e-mail address in your account properties. The server responded: 553 5.3.0 Error 601:Rejected by spam filter - bl.spamcop.net'

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Lets start with a basic question. What is the IP address of your home computer?

you can type IPCONFIG to get the answer.

is it or something else.

It is not then the problem is not your computer, but the mail server you are using.

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Next question. The network cable that is attached to your computer is plugged into what? A hub? A router? etc.

Then what is that connected to?

Also: what gateway was indicated by ipconfig?

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www.whatismyip.com says my ip is


You are connected to something that has the IP address of; we need to find out what that something is.

My guess is that you have a router that someone has been able to tap into and is using it as a relay to send mail. That is what has to be stopped.

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i use outlook connected to a pop 3 account united hosting gave me


Sorry, worng answer. POP3 is used to receive mail, not send it.

We need to know what you are using to send mail.

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the gateway is

the cable is plugged into a wireless router with one other pc linked to that.


So you now have two more things to check.

1) What kind of activity is the other PC experiencing? Has it been infected and is sending out tons of email?

2) How is the wireless router setup? Someone may have tapped into that and you will need to tighten up its settings.

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The way I read it .... user's home PC is hosed ...

--> based on the drop in numbers in that first half-hour of "computer is off/modem is unplugged" timeframe.

It has been spewing enough and hitting enough spamtraps, it got listed.

The web-host, to which he has pointed his Outlook application to use as the mail host, is using the SpamCopDNSBL, so has blocked his incoming ...

Quick solution, try to use the actual "connection" ISP e-mail server .... that will allow e-mail to be sent.

However, the real problem is whatever software is running rampant on the "home PC" ....

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when i disconnected the modem both pcs were off line and the mails sent was still going up .. i have now turned off the other pc but that has been running fine .. apart from the same mail problem .. identical to mine.

i have no idea what the router setup is .. how do i tell you what you need to know?

thanks for this.

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You are using confusing terms.

You say that your 2 computers are connected to a wireless router.

Then you say you unplugged the modem.

Is the router connected to a modem?

What kind of connection do you use for the internet? DSL? etc?

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yes the router is connected to a modem .. when i unplug the modem both pcs lose the internet .. telewest cable broadband.


So the modem is connected to the cable wire, right?

What we need to find out is just where the problem is.

1) Computer #1

2) Computer #2

3) Wireless Router

Could be any one of the 3

My guess is that the IP address of the modem is

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At least now it is starting to make some sense.

Call your cable provider and tell them you need some help to stop the spam comming from your systems and going out via their network.

Again, if I were to guess, I would say the problem is the wireless router and that there is a 3rd connection that you do not know anything about. But I could easily be wrong, as the problem could be either one of your two computers.

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router menu

LAN Settings

DHCP Client List

Internet WAN

Connection Type


MAC Address


Channel and SSID


Use as Access Point

Wireless Bridge


Virtual Servers

Client IP Filters

MAC Address Filtering


WAN Ping Blocking

Security Log


Parental Control

Restart Router

Restore Factory Default

Save/Backup Settings

Restore Previous Settings

Firmware Update

System Settings

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Lets try to put a few more pieces together. is the wireless router (gateway address) is your computer IP address

what is the ip address of the other computer?

My guess would be

What response do you get if you ping

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