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Report notification Subject: Line changed


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A lot of complaints from folks stating that the notification e-mails from the SpamCop.net reporting system have disappeared. The troubleshooting procedures offered in the FAQ here don't seem to be followed in most cases, so the analysis of the issue hasn't been easily handled.

Pretty much out of the blue, there's been the identification of the Subject: Line in the returned notifications of an e-mail submitted spam having been changed. How this translates into "no" repsonse, I'm not sure, but the assumption must be that some folks are doing something a bit strange with their filtering ...???

At any rate, passing on the data and drawing attention to the fact that;

standard reports;

SpamCop has accepted 2 emails for processing

changed to:

Subject: [spamCop] has accepted 2 emails for processing


Subject: SpamCop Quick reporting data

changed to:

Subject: [spamCop] Quick reporting data

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