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Is the assault on spam about to escalate?

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The BBC, AP, and Wired are all reporting another wave of lawsuits against spammers. They're even quoted as saying that they're very close to knocking on their doors and handing them warrants in person. Could my daydreams of seeing Alan and Scotty and that damned Alabama grandmother all in chains finally be coming true? I hope so, and I hope the judge likes my idea about sentencing.

I think that each of them should be lashed to a chair in a public square. In front of the chair is a computer. Running on the computer is Outlook. In the inbox are millions of pieces of spam equivalent to what they sent out. In front of the computer is a keyboard with exactly one functioning key. Delete.

And the repeat function is disabled.

Aahhhh... to dream.

Of course, sometimes my dream ends up with the computer being inserted into places that are biologically unfeasible, but that one's a pretty satisfying dream as well.


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Turning the sound all the way up, enabling a sound for each incoming spam (or session with incoming spam), and hooking the speaker terminals to various parts of the anatomy, would also be gratifying. :)

So would buzz-cutting "DELETE" into the spammers' scalps. :)

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