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As pointed out in various places ... the FAQ, the "How to post .." entry, multiple existing Topics and Discussions ... there is no way in the world to try to talk about your query without something to work with. The words "public IP address" are not sufficient for anyone here to look anything up. What IP address are you actually asking about? The SpamCop FAQ is a dcument built to answer Frequently Asked Questions, the Wiki is another 'view' to that data ... the "Why am I Blocked?" FAQ entry was also made a stand-alone entry, again, because it is such a Frequently Asked Question .....

Appearances are that you looked at none of these items, wandered through any of the existing "Why am I Blocked?" queries from other folks here before you ....?????

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Goog morning, yesterday my public IP adress
Do you mean or a different one?
has been black listed by spamcop.
No, it wasn't. It may have been listed by the SCBL, but the SCBL is a "Blocking List", not a "black list".
My first question is : may I obtain an example of email which explain the reason why ?
You may or may not (probably not, in the case of email to spamtraps). After you have read the "Why am I Blocked" FAQ. Current evidence suggests that the reason why is for sending mail to spamtraps, probably UUBE. What reason(s) was/were listed yesterday on http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=blcheck&...ip=
My second question : I have been delisted automatically : why ?
Because 24 hours passed after the last infraction. That's how the SCBL works. You'd have found that out if you'd read the SCBL FAQ.
many thanks
You're welcome. Edited by Jeff G.
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