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POPing MSN mail account no longer working

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I have an old MSN mail account where the MSN portion was closed and they converted me to access via HOTMAIL. This occurred in August.

I added the account to be 'popped' in Spamcop.

All seemed to go well until around the beginning of October.

No all I get is the status of "Invalid Password".

I know the userid/password combination is good, because I cut/pasted it from what works/validated in Hotmail......

Does Popgate no longer work for MSN accounts on Hotmail?

I primarily use this account for picking up spam to be reported. It is a 'dead' account, that I am watching in case any significant mail ever comes in


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Hi, xzr1tv!

...When I use the "Search for" capability at the top of the page with keywords "pop msn hotmail," I get 571 hits (many of which are probably redundant references to the same threads and references to each other). Is there anything there that helps you? In particular, FAQ Entry: Email System "POP Configuration" Setup - SpamCop Discussion looks hopeful ....

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All hits in that area were older. I was expecting something more recent for something that was working and then died...

...A reasonable assumption but it may be that you are simply experiencing something now that others have experienced in the past....
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A few days back, there was yet another of those infamous MSN/HotMail server outages that only impacted "part of the alphabet" .... and one definitely can't ignore all the hyper-activity involved with the "go LIVE!" crap that's been on-going for quite some time. (and wondering how much of the previous two lines are actually connected ... probablity that things are being moved to 'new' servers so as to handle the load of all that additional advertising traffic the "LIVE" version of the various accounts are going to be handling)

I see this as having the same issues as the Yahoo Beta situation ... the "new" (throw more advertising crap on the screen for a better user experience ????) interface definitely broke the PopGate function (and no doubt, this wasn't 'accidental')

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