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View Source Shut Down??

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To all,

I use Outlook 2000 and when I report spam to Spamcop, I use the two part form. For the first part, I open up the email, then click on VIEW, then OPTIONS. I look for the Internet Headers - right click, SELECT ALL, then COPY. Then I go to Spamcop's first part of the form and I paste it in.

Then I go back to the Email and in the body of the letter, I right click and hit VIEW SOURCE. A Notepad box will pop up with the Html Source code. Again, I right click, SELECT ALL, then COPY. Then I go to Spamcop's second part of the form and I past it in.

I've been using this routine since I got Outlook 2000 installed on my machine without any problems.

BUT TODAY - I received an email about eBay Turn Key businesses. I performed my usual routine for the Internet Header, then when I right clicked in the message body, and clicked on VIEW SOURCE - NOTHING HAPPENED! No NOTEPAD BOX. NADA.

I did it again. Nothing.

I went to an eMail in my DELETE BOX that worked fine yesterday - it did not show the source code!!

I closed Outlook. Opened it up again. Same thing. Nothing - I could not view source code anymore!

So, I rebooted. Went to another email that worked yesterday - and Voila! it worked, I got to see the source code. So I went back to the problem letter. Followed my routine - and - you guessed it - Nothing.

I went back to the good letter - nothing.

What I would like to know - Did the Spammers find a way to shut off View Source in Outlook???? And if so, How do I restore it!

THIS IS A PAIN - but something the Spammers would do for sure!



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How about ruling some of the old Outlook / Windows issues out first. For example, the size of your Outlook folders for instance, problems occur if they exceed 2 gig ... Check the (generic) C:\Windows\temp folder and see how stuffed it is, maybe a clean up needed there ...

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