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How to stop certain spam?


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I'm NEW here, so...apologies for asking 'stupid' questions....

I get lots of UNWANTED spam,...

If I try to contact the e-mail address of 'sender', or this <postmaster>:

...I get a message back like this one:

How do I get rid of these sort of spam-mails?

Please help?


This is the Postfix program at host mta-fe.casema.nl.

I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not

be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below.

For further assistance, please send mail to <postmaster>

If you do so, please include this problem report. You can

delete your own text from the attached returned message.

The Postfix program

<dcy[at]bostonsci.com.br>: host mx.brte.com.br[] said: 550 User

unknown: dcy[at]bostonsci.com.br (in reply to RCPT TO command)


----- Origineel Bericht -----

Van I I G S VERWOERT <iigs.verwoert[at]casema.nl>

Datum Wed, 19 Sep 2007 21:58:00 +0200

Aan Leanne Howe <dcy[at]bostonsci.com.br>

Onderwerp Re: [spam] For iigs.verwoert


Do NOT want to receive ANY more spam from you!

Never asked for it!....Please tell me,..HOW to stop it!!!


----- Origineel Bericht -----

Van: Leanne Howe <dcy[at]bostonsci.com.br>

Datum: Woensdag, September 19, 2007 10:29 am

Onderwerp: [spam] For iigs.verwoert


> the said when was included frustrating signs the



HOW do I get rid of these sort of spam messages?

Please help!!


Ira, The Netherlands

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I see nothing in this post that relates to a SpamCop.net Parsing & Reporting issue .... moving this to the Lounge area with this post.

Unfortunately, what I think you are trying to do is make contact with a fictitious person. I am having to guess that you are trying to Reply to the address seen in the From: line in the received spam. Spammers have been forging that data for years now especially evidenced whan folks like yourself end up on the receiving end of bounces, hate mail, etc. when 'your' address ends up being the one used in one of these spam runs. There is a SpamCop FAQ entry "here" titled Why am I getting all these Bounces? There are numerous Topics/Discussions within this Forum from folks that had their InBoxes over-run by the results of their addresses being forged into spam e-mails.

In the case you cite, there is no user with that account name at that ISP .... so assumedly, that address was 'generated' by the spammer, probably through the use of sucking up user 'names' from one file, adding those names to a list of Domains from another file .....

How to "stop receiving this stuff" is another whole subject .. again, many existing Topics, posts, and discussion on that issue alone are to be found all over the place in here.

You may want to start your research "here" by following some of the links already provided .. for example, the page at http://forum.spamcop.net/scwik/SpamCopWhatIs .... you mention "Postfix" but I'm not sure if you're just referencing data in the error message or if you may be in charge of an e-mail server. (Guessing at the first possibility)

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...You originally entitled your post as "How to stop certain spam?" "spam" is a trademark of Hormel Corporation, so please do not use it here to refer to unsolicited e-mail (spam). Please see spam and the Internet, especially the third paragraph. Thanks! I have changed the topic title to comply with Hormel's polite request.

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HOW do I get rid of these sort of spam messages?

Here's some immediate advice:

  1. Don't reply to spam messages by hitting "reply," as this is pointless. The from-addresses in spam are false, and may even point to innocent users who had nothing to do with the spam.
  2. Don't pay any attention at all to the from-address in a spam message; it simply isn't worth your time since it is usually false.
  3. Don't reply directly to spammers in any other way (such as by using a "remove" link). The spammers don't care whether you want their mail or not; they just keep sending it anyway. If you reply to them, you do nothing but confirm to them that your address is deliverable, so you will be more likely to get MORE spam from them and others.

Now, some more strategic advice:

  1. You cannot stop people from trying to send you spam. This is what they do, and they're good at it.
  2. You can use filters (such as the SpamCop e-mail service) to block or detain any spam that is sent to you, so you can easily delete it or report it to the proper parties.
  3. Your provider may actually have some pretty good spam filters that you aren't yet using; you might check into it with your customer service department.

Hope this helps,

-- rick

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Others have told you that there is no way to stop people from sending you spam.

You have two choices: The first one is to filter the spam - you can buy filtering software such as Mailwasher (however do not use their 'bounce' function - it goes to the From. You have seen how futile that is.) You can get an online email service such as spamcop email service that provides filtering for you. Hotmail and yahoo also filter for you. The advantage to spamcop email or filtering software is that you see all the email and if one is from someone you want to receive mail from, it is not lost. Other methods simply delete the email so you never know about it.

Number two is to change your email address. The new email address should contain numbers as well as letters and capital as well as lower case letters. For instance: 1RaN3ther That prevents spammers from guessing your email address.

Once you have a new email address, do not post it on the web. If you order products, use a throwaway account like a hotmail or yahoo account.

Sometimes one of your correspondents or their correspondents will get a virus that reads all the email addresses and puts them on a spam list. So, even if you are very careful, you may start getting spam again. Many people think that changing an address is too much work and so they choose to filter.

Miss Betsy

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The new email address should contain numbers as well as letters and capital as well as lower case letters. For instance: 1RaN3ther That prevents spammers from guessing your email address.

While case sensitivity is mentioned in the "official" email standards, and at one point in the very distant past made a difference, in the real world, there are few (if any) email providers who will reject email based on that arcane rule, so "1ran3ther" is equal to "1RaN3ther" which is also equal to "1RAN3THER" -- they will all work the same. It's silly that *anything* on the Internet, other than passwords, is case sensitive.


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