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Email submission from webmail failing

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I am posting this here because the failure seems to be with the way webmail is forwarding the messages.

Today I am getting mostly failures when submitting the spam that leaks through the filters to my submit address by forwarding from inside of webmail. I am getting the famous:

SpamCop encountered errors while saving spam for processing:

SpamCop could not find your spam message in this email:

The only difference I can see from normal is that the attachments are showing up as Content-Disposition: inline automatically where they used to show up as Content-Disposition: attachment. If I try and change the pull down to attachment, the attachment disappears from the message.

I also thought there was an option switch to select the default attachement disposition, but I can not find that option anywhere.

This is not the Report as spam button as that is working fine.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

JT, did something change?

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I am assuming that you want to use slow reporting for these particular messages.

Have you tried "Redirect" rather than "Forward"?

Have you tried using one of the "Queue for reporting" Actions in VER? Analogs for these in Webmail are currently on JT's list.

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Redirect does not work either. Thanks for the reminder about VER. It has been so long since I've used it, I had forgotten about it. I don't like it because it marks my held mail as read and I need to transfer the messages back into held mail, but it is an alternative.

This is the Forward link in the message list and was the original way to report spam before the Report as spam link was added. It has worked since and I was trying to find out if anyone else was having problems but it seems no one else is using the function. It has resumed working however it is still showing Inline as the disposition.

Thanks for the reply.

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