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Secure Authentication?

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Is Secure Authentication still unsupported with IMAP4? I'm using Thunderbird on GNU/Linux. SSL/Port 993 and TLS/port 143 both seem to work, but not Secure Authentication, unless I'm doing something wrong.

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Merged 'new' Topc into an existing Discussion, as it sure seems to cover the same ground.


Until last month, I've been sending mail out via smtp.cesmail.net on port 587 (without encryption) quite successfully ever since soon after the Spamcop SMTP service was originally introduced.

But since early last month, it's been taking up to a quarter of an hour to send a single 5K e-mail out, because each of the sending protocol phases such as EHLO, AUTH LOGIN, RSET, MAIL FROM, DATA, QUIT have been sticking, waiting for a response, for minutes on end. These delays get worse in the busy evening period, often resulting in timeout failures.

I put this down to heavy port throttling on 587 being imposed by my local ISP (I'm in Thailand by the way), probably in an attempt to curb spam abuse and chronic traffic overload. The reason I suspect selective port throttling is because I can complete mail check protocols and download a few mails from Spamcop on port 110 over the same busy evening period within a few seconds. It's only my SMTP sending that suffers these delays.

So I'd like to try changing to SSL and using a different port. I've already tried sending to smtp.csmail.net on standard SSL port 465, but that didn't seem to work.

Please can anyone tell me the right port number and SMTP server address I should be using for SSL?

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That issue should be posted as a separate topic, since it's not about Secure Authentication.

My OP is about secure authentication. I'm asking about the right port number and SMTP server address I should be using for SSL.

I've got SSL working OK on the POP side, but not SMTP on smtp.cesmail.net. Has anyone else managed to get this to work? If so, please could you say what settings you're using.

Many thanks.

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I realize this post is old but it is the only thing I could turn up with a search of the forums. If I missed the information I seek please point me, thank you.

I am not able to get Secure Authentication to work for IMAP or SMTP access to the beta smtp server.

I'm using Outlook Express on Windows XP Pro SP3.

The error message I receive is:

PLAIN authentication failed. None of the authentication methods supported by your IMAP server (if any) are supported on this computer.

Is there something else I need to enable/do? TIA for any help.

Kind regards,


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Hello Wazoo, thanks for your reply.

Thanks for that thread. I didn't see any information specific to OE there, though. Would you please point me to what you wanted me to see about OE?

What I did see is people trying to enable SSL with the 'beta' SMTP server on port 587 (which doesn't work, it doesn't support SSL -- AFAIK?). I also saw people trying to enable secure authentication on different clients but it didn't work.

Best I can offer for now ....

Use the SSL WebMail interface with your browser


see Thunderbird works

I've got Thunderbird on another machine, I'm not able to get secure authentication with that one either. I looked through this thread you marked "Thunderbird works" but I didn't find any info there about enabling secure authentication? Would you please point me to the specific setup details?

Regarding the webclient, it's great to have in situations when that's all there is, but it's not my choice for routine use. There's no integration with other programs (PDA's, phones, local storage folders etc), and it's a bit tedious to keep contacts in sync with multiple other address books. And the webclient is blocked to me from some locations that are part of my normal working day, but I can use IMAP from those locations. IMAP is a better solution for me.

And, I'm slowly getting all my machines switched over to IMAP on Outlook 2007 (and eventually it will be Outlook 2010) using Win7. These can keep themselves in sync with each other, PDA, phone, etc. automatically, and with personal storage folders stored in central location accessible via intra/internet. I've not been able to get secure authentication to work with Outlook 2007 either so far.

With more and more public wifi available, plain text authentication is an unnecessary security risk. I'm not fond of Thunderbird but I'll use it for now if I can get secure authentication working with it. Again, please point me to the specific details you meant for me to see? I missed finding them.

Kind regards,


P.S. Is there any indication from Jeff as to when secure authentication will be available across the board? Thunderbird is fine for now if it will work for me, but going forward is it intended to make Thunderbird the only installed client that is fully supported by SpamCop?

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