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Anyone read chinese?


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...just about everything was converted except the graphic titles.
Indeed, but it disintegrates somewhat on the links
How does the widowed standard chop the zheng experience

jiao to trample chopsticks to scoop up

engraves the silk to cut down grasps

scoops up the bait chi bureau to escape nan jian nie stuffed dumpling

its Suchuan also to lick extremely shades mao the spoke to hold luxuriant grapes

to howl smelly hatches imitates the clothes cake

to trample sells virtuous hatches the virtuous lang sao cake

to wash the auspicious chi how bureau to escape nan jian

the smelly widowed cold chopsticks extremely

to divine bets extends

The glimmer digs washes a catty experience to dress up grasps

Copyright filthy 2005

- which started out looking like a link to to an article about a toughened approach to porn and ends up all surreal. Maybe the Google translation would be more useful - let's see

http://translate.google.com.au/translate?h...l%3Den%26sa%3DG - yep, that works for me. Then you can mouse over to pick up the original Chinese then Google *that* to see if you can find links to the reporting agencies - "Special Action Office" and "Project Office".

Or an actual Chinese reader might take pity on us. You're welcome to our (Oz) Prime Minister by the way - he speaks Mandarin. And you can keep him afterwards ...

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