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Outrageous spammer!


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After receiving several spam messages from a company named "Alexander Global Media," I decided that, in addition to reporting the spams through SpamCop (to 1and1.com, the source and host), I'd poke around a bit and see what I could find out about the source. Turns out the spammer is on YouTube:


That link is to his first page of vids...here's the second page:


The videos are mostly about spamming....he sells and rents lists ("Purchase 3.5 Billion Email Addresses!" and "270+ Million Email Addresses for sale!"), posts customer testimonials, and various FAQ vids ("FAQ-Who do I send through and why?" and "FAQ-Please Explain spam Trap email addresses...").

He seems to be trying to become the next "spam King" -- some Google searching on his various domains is revealing, especially "emailsondemand.com." The domain he's currently spamming from is "kingdomrealtymail.net" and the contact email for that domain is at "securegoodcredit.com," for which the contact info is masked by a GoDaddy private registration. He is using multiple web hosts and registrars, probably to keep going if he gets shut down by any of them.

For whatever reason, he seems to be flying under the radar of the anti-spam community....but I hope I'm wrong about that...this guy is over the top.


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Ironically, the link to his website in one of his YouTube posts was wacked and had to be repaired before I could load his site.

He has a FAQ section that consists entirely of him answering individual questions via handwaving YouTube videos. His advice is mostly ignorant rubbish (example: filter spamtraps from your mailing list by grepping them for the word "spam"). He certainly seems to like filming himself, but he could really do with a better-looking model. He's in even greater need of a proofreader.

If you are interested, he also has some "premium" ymail.com addresses for sale (for $500), including "rushlimbaugh," "battlestargalactica," "klingon," and "experian."

It is possible that he may not actually be doing much spamming himself, but may have worked out some scheme to defraud those whom Miss Betsy so charmingly calls the "wannabees." The "three BILLION" e-mail address disk seems pretty fishy; I myself could probably generate three billion e-mail addresses if I were not held to the requirement that they all be deliverable.

The word "kingdom" triggered a connection: there was once a guy who ran a racket called Kingdom Ventures International ("does your church have a website?") which I describe on my website here. Don't know whether this could be the same chap, tho' he does profess some evangelical persuasion.

-- rick

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Going by his YouTube exposition concerning spam traps he (and those of his customers who heed his advice) he apparently avoids bl listing by using the list filtering/cleaning services of his good buddies expeditesimplicity.com to avoid said spam traps. Now something is going on there - they would not all be such easily guessed names (and domains) as those he instances (doubt any of them are), especially the SC ones. Yet he apparently does a very good job of avoiding them.

He states expeditesimplicity.com has a vast database of spamtrap addresses. He may be lying about some of the detail but, whatever the real explanation, it seems to me SC might have reason for real concern with this guy and/or expeditesimplicity.com. One would think it almost HAS to involve some element of spam trap address compromise.

But maybe he's just a flim flam man trying for the spamking reputation to capture the supply and service market amongst the wannabes (his volumes don't seem very high at all, maybe just enough to register a presence without really risking much exposure - explaining why he bedevils poor David when he has "3.5 billion" other addresses to try, also why he plasters himself all over YouTube). After all, a good liar isn't going to be inhibited by concerns of professional courtesy. Someone preying on spammers would be a good thing.

Incidentally, I can't get within a bull's roar of expeditesimplicity.com. Visits rebuffed - maybe they don't like cookie rejection or my hosts file shorting out external contacts or something. Or it might just be a temporary thing (lookups, pings and traces reach them fine). Anyway, another ornament to the internet community, hosted by Comcast.

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