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[Resolved] Mailhost issue following maintenance?

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I've run into an issue with mailhosts...

I ended up reporting myself due to isp mx changes... so I attempted to update mailhosts info. Couldn't do so until after the maintenance window...

Tried to update current provider, received an error when processing the robot message. Thought the error might have been caused by isp not putting info in headers, so I tried sending to a couple of other ones... and got the same error each time:

Sorry, SpamCop has encountered errors:

Source IP not found.

Your email host does not appear to correctly identify the sending IP of

the email you receive.

The last address identified by your mail host was ().

This does not appear to be a spamcop.net address.

If you feel this is in error, please try again or seek help in the SpamCop

help forum: http://www.spamcop.net/help.shtml

HOWEVER, is shown in the headers as

Received: from prod-sc-www1.spamcop.net (204-15-80-52.ironport.com[])

by isp.att.net (frfwmxc08) with SMTP

id <20090327033058M0800brh1le>; Fri, 27 Mar 2009 03:30:58 +0000

which does appear to be a spamcop.net address???

Has something become disconnected in the process????

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Hi, kfasold,

...Looks like you had a very similar problem a few years ago. What ever became of that issue?

...Please see SpamCop Forum thread "spamcopy [sic] doesn't recognize its own ip address??." Might this be the same problem you are having? I guess the solution is to wait a day or so and try again (in the meantime, do not submit any spam).

...Also please see SpamCop Forum thread "FAQ Entry: MailHost Configuration problems" and search for the phrase "Source IP not found."

...In the meantime, did you receive a Tracking Link with the return e-mail from SpamCop? If you did, please post it. If not, and the problem doesn't clear itself within the next few days, I think you'll need help from the SpamCop Admin whom you may reach at e-mail address service[at]admin.spamcop.net. See "Pinned: Mailhost Issues - please read before posting."

...Good luck!

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Thanks; yep, the original reports from 2004 are shortly following the mailhost implementation, & also from me... :D

The 2nd appears to be exactly the same problem; don's explanation of the issues would appear to be the same thing happening now, after the maintenance...

Don't have any tracking -- managed to report myself to my domain host yesterday about 1:30p, they suspended my account (thus killing 90% of my email access) -- but the email they sent notifying me ended up in a suspended acccount as well... finally got that straightened out about 5pm, just in time for the maintenance!

Could finally try to configure mailhosts for their new ip's & discovered this... just one of those days... frustrating to hit delete on held mail rather than reporting, but until I can get my account reconfigured appropraitely...

I'll forward a pointer to this thread to admin, just in case.

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Yes, something has gone wrong in the Mailhosts system.

SpamCop suddently doesn't recognize its own servers.

Not one single thing I can do about it, either. I mean on my own. Engineers have to fix this.

I have feelers out to find out the best way to approach it.

- Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -


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1004, thanks for the confirmation... probably worth putting in news on the webmail login, as well as on the main spamcop page... else gonna end up with people like me reporting themselves! :excl:
I have reported 2 messages since the upgrade has been completed and both parsed correctly. These were both messages forwarded to my SpamCop account from my ISP account. I wonder if this issue is with only a certain number of the incoming servers, with mail addressed only directly to spamcop email addresses, or some other common point.



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I wonder if this issue is with only a certain number of the incoming servers, with mail addressed only directly to spamcop email addresses, or some other common point.

Could be Steven. I have been watching my quick reports all day and haven't seen any issues. Did try a submit earlier just to see what the problem was. By the time I got everything reported I wished my test had been smaller <g>

P.S. There was one spam that did not process earlier this morning. I assumed that was still part of the "catch up." By the time I saw it it was to old to care except for historical data.

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Just to provide closure, spamcop is now recognizing itself & mailhost configuration can be performed... after doing so, I reprocessed the previous item that resulted in reporting myself, and it found the correct spam souce... thanks Don!

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