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Spammers' carbon footprints


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...And all the Members of Parliament I talk to say there's no proof of spam having any impact whatsoever on an economy, therefore a non-issue as far as they are concerned :angry:
Truly these are ornaments to their profession, the second oldest known to humanity. Come to think of it, they are ornaments to the oldest profession as well. You may tell them I said so.

Good find Rick - I always thought a link to global warming would be a useful thing in the fight.

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They are extremely misled into believing all the bandwidth being gobbled is due to piracy, downloading and other P2P, as recently revealed in the CRTC hearings from Bell Canada's "evidence" (which detects port activity, not content... it could be secrets to the Pentagon, a porno, a homework assignment for all they know).

They appear to have rejected all our submissions that it's spam's fault.

Thank the music/movie industry for this.

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