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Hats off to SpamCop Team ...


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I feel users deserve compensation for the inconvenience. As another poster noted, the hours of lost productivity alone is monumental. As I noted, the problems that began in October did not exactly sneak up on the administrator.

And where is the transparency? Where is the explanation of what happened, and how it won't be a problem going forward?

And if most of the users are in the U.S. then why wasn't the restoration done at an hour that would inconvenience the least amount of users?

Team? Really? I always got the impression it's just one guy.

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I really don't think compensation would be worth it. A week's of missing email (not complete downtime) for a service that's only $30/year works out to less than a cheeseburger.

You are however correct with respect to everything else. A postmortem is absolutely critical. Why did this happen? Why did it take so long to fix it? What has been done to keep it from happening again? And even more generally, some kind of statement on the future of the service (because let's be honest, the last major change was adding Graylisting 4 years ago).

It's fantastic that everything is back up (and thank you for that guys), but that alone can't fix all the problems.

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I have been a Spamcop customer for a long time. I for one am thankful for Spamcop service and for the support that the Spamcop team give us.

Yes, the outage was unfortunate. But yes, these things happen and I'm really glad they have virtually never happened in all the time I've been a Spamcop consumer.

So, thanks to the team, no matter how large or small for getting us access to incoming email as quickly as you did and for working patiently and thoroughly behind the scenes to restore us completely.

I'm looking forward to another 7 years with "spamcop.net" after my name.

cheers, all

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