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[Resolved] Chrome and Spamcop TO: Lists - Chrome browser

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Hi Brother Spamcop'ers,

I am moving to Chrome and away from Firefox.

My Spamcop address Lists do not resolve. The email send window just sits there and does not fill out the address TO: line.

Is the TO: behavior implemented in java scri_pt?

Is there some way to get Chrome to behave and to resolve the TO: line? Any Chrom'ers out there cross this Rubicon? :ph34r:

mucho thanks,


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By the way, List and address expansion in the TO: field works in IE (Internet Explorer) and Firefox but does not work in Chrome v 33 (latest as of today).

Also, it does not work in Safari, the Apple browser.

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I think I confirmed the same behavior in the spamcop.net webmail in Chrome. I entered one of my address book names, tabbed to the next field, and the red "Expanding" never produced an address. Nothing special about my Chrome settings and I even disabled Adblock Plus for the site, just in case that was having an effect.


(and I'd suggest you include our "sisters" as well as our "brothers")


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Oh wow! Check this out, this works:

On each Spamcop "New Message" window there is a clickable icon titled "Expand Names". Use this instead of the "auto-expansion" feature (i.e. when you tab from the TO: field into the CC: field).

Fill in your TO:, CC: and BCC: fields with the names that Spamcop has always auto-expanded. Now click on "Expand Names". There you go.

Pretty as a picture.

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Thanks Chuck - marking "Resolved" so that others, down through the ages, may find the solution more readily and bless your name and all of your descendants and they shall will that your herds expand in perpetuity. :D

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