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Cisco Ironport blocking


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Well my greatest fears are being realized. Both my wife and I have spamcop accounts. Forwarding was set up and is working. Any email from me to my wife using my gmail account looks like it is being blocked by Cisco ironport. The email gets received on the unfiltered email account, gets forwarded, but never makes it to the spamcop forwarded account. And no way to add a safe sender.

And yet some spam is still making it through. Disappointed.

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At this point you should be treating Spamcop.net email forwarding as a last resort option. Cisco has indicated that they are not going to offer it forever, and as already been noted it's not a very flexible system.

It's a patch job to make sure we don't lose our Spamcop email addresses on (relatively) short notice. You should be switching all of your services to use your new email host ASAP.

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I had this issue as well but it appears to have been fixed at some point this morning.

I had been using SpamCop all along as (I thought) was required in the notification: one ISP-provided email address forwarding to SpamCop, which forwarded to a second ISP-provided mailbox, which is where I kept my mail. However, on Tuesday evening email to my [at]spamcop.net address started bouncing with "User unknown in virtual mailbox table" error. I panicked as I recalled a notice saying there would be no recovering/rescuing lost accounts.

I did try one thing: I logged into www.spamcop.net and went to Preferences, Change Email address or name and saved my forwarding address (with no changes.) I don't know if this helped to correct the situation (it didn't seem to have an immediate effect) or whether the transition was proceeding anyway and it just happened to be my turn this morning.

(It helped me a lot when the SpamCop home page mentioned that they were aware of a forwarding issue and were working on it. Thanks to whoever took the time to post that. I know when I'm trying to fix something urgent my instinct does not include taking time out to update a status page!)

Hopefully everyone affected in this way has either been restored or will be soon; I don't know if saving your forwarding address helps or not (probably not) or whether a lot of people doing so unnecessarily might cause enough load to slow down the transition (again, probably not) but at least there's hope for anyone whose address is not yet working.

However, I have to agree with everyone who has posted that anyone who has used their SpamCop address for anything but hidden purposes (given it to people or used it for any kind of registration) should be looking to update everyone/everything with a new address supported by an organization whose primary business is hosting email.

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