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Looks like liquid web has been a blackhat for a LONG time.

My question is I keep reporting the same sequence of email origination:

Tracking message source:

Routing details for

[refresh/show] Cached whois for : abuse[at]liquidweb.com

Using abuse net on abuse[at]liquidweb.com

abuse net liquidweb.com = admin[at]sourcedns.com, ipadmin[at]liquidweb.com, abuse[at]sourcedns.com, lisa[at]webclickhosting.com

Using best contacts admin[at]sourcedns.com ipadmin[at]liquidweb.com abuse[at]sourcedns.com lisa[at]webclickhosting.com

Yum, this spam is fresh!

Message is 0 hours old not listed in cbl.abuseat.org not listed in dnsbl.sorbs.net not listed in accredit.habeas.com not listed in plus.bondedsender.org not listed in iadb.isipp.com

How is it conceivable/possible in this universe that they are not on a B.L. ???

Is it worth continuing to report them ???

I guess I do not understand how this works, gotta believe I am not the only one reporting this steady string of spam. BlackLotus and CC, I understand but how does the above ORIGINATOR of spam stay off the list ????

Is there any value to keep reporting them ???

Thanks, Howard

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Moved again. Lking had responded to this saying something like all reports contribute towards getting the individual IP addresses on the blocklist (if/once there is sufficient weight against those addresses). That post seems to have been lost in transition to the "new" forum.

Part of the story is that the ratio of spam to regular mail handled by that IP comes into the consideration. Another part is that spam hitting SC spamtraps has much more weight than member reports - if the spam is avoiding spamtraps it will need (at least) several members reporting the same IP within a short timespan, one of the order of 2 days. SCbl listings when they do occur are of short duration once the spam stops being reported. It is always a good idea to keep reporting, if able to do so. Stopping will considerably reduce the liklihood of 'bad' IP addresses being listed or of keeping them listed once their (comparatively excessive) spam activity has 'earned' them listing.

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...to fill in more of what got lost:

I seem to remember the OP coming back and posting more evidence, and asking why they still weren't on the SCbl, but then I looked up the IP in question and discovered that it's indeed made it onto the SCbl.


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