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Internetwide block for spamchimp?


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Mailchimp sends over 10 billion emails (as of 2014) for clients, based on each client's emailing lists. As a 15 yr old business, Mailchimp's reputation and ability to deliver emails is important for continued growth. 

I would recommend using the Mailchimp "unsubscribe" link in the email.  Yes, this is different then normal advice about replying to spam.  However, these are emails from a legitimate mass emailer. One of the disadvantages of this type of business is that not all their clients use good practices, like double-opt-in, to maintain/build their mailing list.  For their own business success, Mailchimp helps their clients scrub the email list trying to assure that all Mailchimp's emails can be delivered.

Although I have not seen any spam that tries to look like a Mailchimp email, check the link/header before using the unsubscribe link ~ it is an American company and that should be reflected in the email source and the link.

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On principal, I disagree with that advice. Sure, it's the best way to simply stop getting the spam (when dealing with a well-known entity like this).  But spam from a legitimate company is still spam.  Simply unsubscribing from spam that you never signed up for reinforces the idea that it's ok to spam people, and the victims can just remove themselves if they don't want it.  It shouldn't require work on my part to stop you from abusing my resources and annoying me.  If Mailchimp's reputation and ability to deliver emails is important for continued growth, then they need to make sure they're not doing things to give themselves a bad reputation and impact deliverability (like providing spamming services).  By reporting any spam they send me, I'm simply calling a spade a spade, no more or less.

KNERD, check the email, including the links in the footer as well as in the email headers, for an "abuse" link rather than a plain unsubscribe.  It should unsubscribe you as well, while alerting the mailing service that their customer was spamming you.

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Yes, this is an old thread, but useful information to add.

I have never received  a single op in from Spamchimp, but yet have continued to get spammed by them nearly on a daily basis from unknown persons/entities.

What I ended up doing to fight spam chimp is to setup my own email server. Using their own IP "whitelist" people can use to "make sure our [spammy] emails get to you," I turned it into a IP range blacklist with a nasty message using Postfix.


Now running my own server, I have run into a different breed of spammers. Those working from home sending me spam from their business class cable powered Internet such  as from Verizon, and  Comcast. I reported them through Spamcop, and blocked specific IP instead of the IP range. Their providers don't seem to care, so I have ended up blocking entire IP ranges, which I hate to do, but each day, the same persons are sending similar emails, just getting a slightly different IP number.

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