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Reporting to SpamCop from Gmail


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I may move my domain to a hosted service from a SaaS provider.   One issue I'm trying to solve is how to report spam from Gmail to Spamcop.   Now, I understand about display source and copy and paste, but not when I have 10's of messages to report, that's not going to happen.    I'm wondering if there is some clever API mechanism that could be triggered (even remotely) when messages are stored in a certain folder.   Anyone found a decent hack that will work reliably?


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No, I didn't see that.  Interesting.

I wonder if there is a way via an API call to take messages stored in a folder and process them with another mail client like MUTT.   I'll have to look into it.   But yes, this would be a big decision factor for me. 

Google uses their own "spam" rating system, which (for the average user) is "ok".  I believe this is based on a product they purchased some time ago (the name escapes me).

Whenever Google blocks a company site, I always think there's a little more behind it.

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