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Hotmail and "View Email Message Source"


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Hi, Using Hotmail, when I click on the "View E-Mail Message Source", for some spam, it re-routes me to a log-in screen for Hotmail :angry: instead of showing the info that I am supposed to copy, paste, and send to SpamCop. This doesn't happen on all spam, just some so I cannot report those as spam. Usually happens on spam concerning child porn.<_< Thanks.

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Does Hotmail allow your to forward email as an attachement?

If so, there is no need to do a copy and paste.

I use to use the copy and paste method until I was enlighted about forwarding as an attachement which works faster, does not require you to open the spam and is therefor safer to use and if you are send a batch of them, you do not need to respond to each email reply. just keep clicking on the report now link that is part of the statement

Unreported spam Saved: Report Now
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try opening the e-mail in hotmail and typying &raw=disk at the end of the url then enter, it will show you the original e-mail in text form headers and all. That can be parsed manually in the spamcop site box. If you have an e-mail account with SC you can setup to automatically upload the inbox/hotmail e-mail to SC. Note that in hotmail a lot of spam is automatically moved to junk or trash folder. You have to move it into the hotmail inbox yourself.

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jlk, missing from your query are a number of things. Apparently, you are approching HotMail from the browser interface, so .. what browser, what platform ..??? How secure are you running your browser, scripting, activex, etc. There are a myriad of settings within the HotMail account, you mention none of them. A much easier approach to HotMail, especially for SpamCop reporting is through the ue of Outlook Express, available for both the Windows and Macintosh platforms ....

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Although IMHO, downloading Hotmail into OE is the easiest, here is a way to forward to spamcop (from Anon in the newsgroup.)

Here is an alternate method of forwarding as attachment in hotmail.

1) Right click on the spam in hotmail mailbox.

2) Click on copy shortcut.

3) Paste shortcut into the address box.

4) Append "&raw=disk" (no quotes).

5) Press go.

6) When screen opens showing spam details (this has not opened the spam),

press Ctl-C.

7) Open wordpad.

8) Paste clipboard into wordpad.

9) "Save as" a text file

10) Repeat for each spam in your mailbox.

11) Now open a new mail in hotmail and attach the text file(s) and send THAT

to SC for parsing.

12) You will receive the usual response from SC for further processing.

This SOUNDS like a very long involved process but in actuality it is very

fast (the key is the &raw=disk trick.)


A SpamCop user and forum reader,

Not Admin


Miss Betsy

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try opening the e-mail in hotmail and typying &raw=disk at the end of the url then enter, ...


Yes, that works for me. Thanks so much. B) (It's sunny in Texas.)

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If you are a paid member, you can have spamcop log into your hotmail and pop the e-mail for you, then forward it to another e-mail account if you want. The trick is that most of the spam ends up in the junkmail (hotmail) folder, so you have to actually mannualy move it to the INBOX folder in hotmail yourself.

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You don't have to let Hotmail filter out all of your junk messages - you can use the following procedure to ensure that it only filters your obvious junk messages:

  • Use Hotmail Webmail (login if necessary).
  • Click the "Options" Link in the top right corner to bring you to "MSN Hotmail - Options".
  • If necessary, click on the "Mail" button on the left side of the page, about a third of the way down, to bring you to "Mail Options".
  • Click on the first "Mail Option" Link, "Junk E-Mail Protection", bringing you to "Mail Options > Junk E-Mail Protection".
  • Click on the "Junk E-Mail Filter" Link, bringing you to "Junk E-Mail Filter".
  • Click on the Radio Button for "Low - obvious junk e-mail is caught."
  • The other available Radio Buttons are "Enhanced - most junk e-mail is caught." (the typical setting for members who have taken one step after getting fed up with junk/spam) and "Exclusive - you will only receive e-mail from addresses appearing in your Contacts, service announcements from Hotmail, and messages you have consented to receive from MSN." (which corresponds with the SpamCop Webmail concept of "Block All").
  • Click the "OK" Button to save your change.
  • Click on the "Mail" Button in the center of the second row to get back to your Hotmail Webmail.

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