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I suggest that you uncheck "China (the country) cn.rbl.cluecentral.net www.cluecentral.net/rbl/" on your "Blacklists" page at https://webmail.spamcop.net/horde/imp/spamcop/blacklists.php or http://webmail.spamcop.net/horde/imp/spamcop/blacklists.php .

Any assistance you could provide in terms of dealing with abuse desks and other anti-spam personnel in Taiwan would be very helpful.


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I don't want all Chinese mail to be filtered (only the spam).  Does anyone have any advice?

Do you already have a Spamcop.net filtered email account, or are you simply considering purchasing one?

The filter options available to SpamCop email users include blocking email originating in China using the cn.rbl.cluecentral.net, but you can choose NOT to use that option in your account settings. Incoming messages will also be checked against the SpamCop DNSBL (which includes actual sources of spam, not geographic regions), against the other optional DNS BL's (such as Spews, Spamhaus, CBL, and others that you may select), and SpamAssassin (also optional) is then used to "score" the spam characteristics of the messages.

If the source of the message is listed in any of the Blocklists you've selected, or the SpamAssassin score is at or above the threshhold you select (I use "5"), then the message is redirected to your Held Mail folder, where it can be reported as spam, recovered if it isn't spam, or simply deleted.

That's enough details for now...we need you to answer that first question I posed.


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