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HTML MAIL in Webmail


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I am a new user of webmail. I can view most of the mail fine in webmail. However. I have a problem with certain emails. They showup in webmail as the message with header and this

Part(s): 1 unnamed [application/octet-stream]

However the mail views fine in Outlook Express and it views fine in my ISP and other WEBMAIL viewer products.

The end of the the headers start of the message read:


X-SpamCop-Whitelisted: naclip[at]fgc.newsalert.com


<!-- ******************************************************

*** -->

<!-- * If you are reading this, then you are getting your * -->

<!-- * clip mail in HTML format but you are viewing it * -->

<!-- * without a browser. * -->

<!-- ********************************************************* -->


My question is can Webmail be fixed/ehanced so that this attachment can be viewed in Webmail?


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I don't think there is a way to display the HTML by default. I have tried all of the settings in that option area to solve your problem. You can always click on the unnamed link to view the HTML if you want. I actually prefer it this way so that my spam does not get opened, even accidentally, in a HTTP format.

If you look at the help item next to Alternative parts:

Some message have been sent as a "multipart/alternative" type by the sender. These messages have several parts, all displaying the SAME CONTENT but in DIFFERENT FORMATS. The mail agent will display the last part in the list that can be successfully displayed inline in the browser, if any. All other formats will appear under the heading "Alternative parts for this section" and can be viewed or downloaded separately. It is important to note that these alternative parts contain the SAME CONTENTS as the part that is shown - they are simply in a different media format (e.g. text vs. HTML output).

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