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ComCast still trying hard <g>


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Started my reporting this morning ... I received an auto-ack to my first ComCast sourced spew at 0929 GMT -5 .... however, I then received the following message for the next seven complaints;

Subject: Returned mail: delivery problems encountered

A message (from <xxxx>) was received at 6 Apr 2005 14:36:36 +0000.

The following addresses had delivery problems:


Permanent Failure: 522_mailbox_full;_sz=629145218/629145600_ct=74214/100000

Delivery last attempted at Wed, 6 Apr 2005 14:36:36 -0000

(I've no idea what TZ this relates to .. the almost immediate bounces start at 0929 and the last one was received at 0936 GMT -5 ...???)

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It appears that the abuse<at>comcast.net mailbox, limited at 629,145,600 bytes or 100,000 messages, has reached the byte limit. It also appears that they haven't learned since a previous incident in which they reached the number of messages limit on 9 Dec 2003 per this link. That's it, I've had it with these incompetents, and I urge JT to "add comcast.blackholes.us to the list of blocklists", as I came close to doing in this post.

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I just took a look at the statistics today, and Comcast was #1 in the domain summary. I know that I have been receiving losts of junk email through Comcast open proxies. They have surpassed even those lacking a dns by 4 times.

For the week ending Sat Apr 30 07:06:15 2005 GMT with share of total report volume (15702136)

1 comcast.net

Qty: 278298

Share: 1.772%

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15 days later, and Comcast is still a the number 1 source. They seem to be spammer infested.

For the week ending Sun May 15 07:07:19 2005 GMT with share of total report volume (16210260).

1 comcast.net

Qty: 344654

Share: 2.126%

I wonder if they have a lot of zombie machines in their network?

Spamhaus has 72 SBL listings for IPs under the responsibility of comcast.net. 14 of those listing are from 8 different spam gangs listed in the ROKSO.


Jeffrey P Goldstein / Gregory Greenstein - emailhello.com / impulse marketing

Kyle Polillo of emailhello.com / impulse marketing infamy.

Kelly Joe Ellis / WebMark inc / Marketforce inc

Brian Haberstroh / Atriks

Robert Martino - usachambermembers.com

Jason Aleman

Brian Kramer / Expedite Media Group

Phil Doroff / Five Elements, Inc

Tom Tsilionis / Perfect Telecom


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We need *something*, best of all for Comcast to sack its beancounters and start behaving responsibly. Because it currently "samples" the spam volume to a significant degree I suspect there will be a fairly good continuing curve fit between Comcast's size and the total volume of spam - and they plan on growing - http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?...indpost&p=28343

As a process minimum (no technological effects, just "efficiency of scale") and based on HO staff numbers alone I would expect a "Wessel's law"/"three fourths rule" relationship which is turned around like (s2/s1)=k(c2/c1)^(4/3) meaning if Comcast numbers treble from 1300 to 4000 then spam goes up (around) four and a half times. Absolute minimum. In practice, there have been "technological" steps all along the way (e.g. Sobig/Sober + broadband would count as multiple process technology steps) which will no doubt continue to compound the growth.

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