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Google refuses reports now?

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I get a LOT of phishing scams, supposedly from apple and/or paypal.

I send them ALL through spamcop and those two I also forward to spoof at (insert which)

Since these almost ALWAYS come from google, I have been also forwarding copies directly to them.

Some time ago google started shooting back auto responders sending me in endless circles to fill out their form.  Yea na.  So I stopped trying, only send through spamcop

and directly to those spoof departments.


So today?  WTF is this?   copy;  google_refuses_emailed_reports AT devnull.spamcop.net


WHY is this even allowed?  WE cannot refuse the garbage coming out of google.  But reporting it can be refused now?


Spamcop I really think you should NOT be allowing this at all. 

And just when will companies being used as scam bait actually prosecute?  First holding the companies like google accountable to some degree, that alone would be incentive enough to get the company involved in locating the spammer and arresting anyone attempting to cheat other people.

You cannot tell me GOOGLE can't detect just where spam is coming from. 


Meanwhile what is the point in even using spamcop for these two phishing scams now?  It ALWAYS comes back with google as the source.

So if google can flat out refuse the reports?   Why bother reporting?

(I still will send to apple and paypal.)

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A tracking URL would be helpful.

6 hours ago, sc_aswglo said:

Is Spamcop saying that Google doesn't care anymore?

From what I can see from https://www.spamcop.net/sc?track=, it would appear that there might be a manual entry put in by deputies[at]admin[dot]spamcop[dot]net.

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I am not sure I would say google is a spammer's delight.  We still have the blocking list.  As long as we have enough people reporting.  Hopefully this is temporary and the deputies might be putting in something that fills out the abuse web form.

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20 hours ago, sc_aswglo said:

"Educated" idiots being smug want one to jump through their hoops now!
They have a webpage

But you can try reporting directly from your own email address

Or consider having your email forwarded to your Gmail account (Leave the email forwarded on your server, do not delete)
Then mark spam on their/your Webmail page as phishing - seems effective

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I was wondering about this too, for many months I've had endless "I've invited you to fill out this form" spam and it all originated from google. Been reporting them using Spamcop dutifully and they were going to (IIRC) network-abuse@google.com. But this week, well see above. Even if a report email isn't sent does the IP address still find its way into Spamcop's blacklist?

One would think google would *want* to not allow spam to originate from their servers.

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Of the 368 spams I received in December 2020, on what used to be my primary gmail account (before spammers made it useless), 140 originated from google. Second and third place went to ovh.net and adsota.com with 12 and 10 respectively. So, I'd say that google already was a spammer's delight, and this action just put the whipped cream and cherry on top. Looking at the spam that came in so far today, I think the spammers have already figured that out.

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Well todays array of paypal phishing scams this time went through spamcop to googles abuse department just fine.

Someone fixed something here.


As for google?  MY GOD they suck.   I've been on the internet since the mid 90s.  The ONLY email I ever actually had hacked was my first gmail account.   And the ONLY "support" to be found is their forum board which you have to be logged in just to access.  Great!


Fast forward to today?   My youtube account stopped functioning right.   Youtube actually has support on twitter so been going around with them.  After I got past the multiple replies to clear my cookies cache history change browsers spin clockwise and whistle dixie,  I tried sending an email to the email account needed to have a youtube account.   And viola.  It's been blocked.

So now support says it's been hacked.   They had me set up a new mail address but did NOT move my channel to it so kinda useless.

Told me it would take weeks for their hacked accounts department to figure this out.  That was MONTHS ago now. 

Actually I found it rather odd they even have a "hacked accounts department."   Must get hacked quite a bit huh?

Google really needs their monopoly broken up some.   They got way too big and too powerful. 

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4 hours ago, ArtmakersWorlds said:

Someone fixed something here.



Agreed.  Just happened today.

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