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Spamcop not x'ing my domain name


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Received today a couple of UCE/spam - identical content apart from the sender's name.

Typical content is,


My name is Tom Roberts and I am a website designer specialist.

I'm looking at your current website: www.xxxx.com and I'm wondering if you've thought about updating?

- Goes on to explain the services on offer. I do not want to update my site - especially as I'm assuming the next request will be to forward my site's FTP details to the "helpful" website designer specialist. My concern is that Spamcop did not blank my website address. It's the same domain as my email address, and Spamcop is usually good at recognising that string and x-ing it. I've reported the UCEs via Spamcop, but had to manually deselect sending reports to my website hosting company. I'd post a report id here, but won't because the message body includes the plain text domain name....

Should I expect Spamcop to anonymise my domain name if it appears in the body of the spammer's email?

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indeed SC does only "x" out the email address...

the websites/links stay the way they are for the ISP to verify that the website is used and to remove the abusing domain or website.

this is unfortunate in your situation, and believe me, I know... had the same "heplful webdesigners" spam me too (well, maybe not the same...)

not much that can be done here...

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I believe SpamCop gets the email addresses it uses to "X" out from the ones we submit to mail hosts.  It does "x" out in most of the header and the body, but as of late I noticed it does not "x" out if it was used in the from header.

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