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Short article on tracing a spam source


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Last December we received a spam email, which appeared to come from T-Mobile, advertising "exclusive offers and great phone deals". We also heard from some readers who were equally surprised to have received spam from a generally well-reputed company.

So we thought we'd find out how we ended up on this mailing list...


[The orginal poster wonders if he's sposta break this sort of URL, but can't think of a good reason why]

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I always react much more stongly to "mainslease" spam, because for one thing, the companies involved should know better, and also, you can actually reach them through other channels (IOW, not by responding to the spam itself) and work your way up the "food chain" to register a complaint.

I've mostly had pretty good results from such efforts, although sometimes I wind up talking to a marketing rep who "bought a list" from an "opt-in" company and he/she only has an 800 number to give me as a contact, if even that.

I've had "private" customized email addresses that I use with corporate logins compromised before....I get even *more* assertive with those. ;-)


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