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"Forward and whitelist" resulted in 3 lost messages

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Agree with DavidT .. and had that Forum section been looked at, one would think that the multiple Topics there, added to the latest Announcements entry, would be a suggestion that there are issues going on with the WebMail applucation .. and that certain contact / reporting actions have been described ...

Moving to the E-Mail System & Accounts Forum section with this post.

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Well, I still didn't get these emails mentioned above! So they are lost! They weren't super important.

But this happened again today! And this time it was an important one!!!

What's going on?

Just back tracked the report:

Queued message 201194 for release and sender for whitelisting.

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I don't see anything relating to my problem at that link. I think maybe I am misunderstood. I will try to explain again.

Occasionally a good email gets caught by a filter. That's ok. It happens. I use the old school reporting tool (http://www.spamcop.net/reportheld?action=heldlog). When I see a good email, I check the checkbox and select "Forward (and whitelist sender)" option and I am good to go. Under normal circumstances the email arrives in my mailbox within a minute. But these two times the emails did not arrive! They were said to be forwarded (and i pasted the actual message with an actual ID). Maybe you can track it down by that id?

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Well, I just found this thread because the same thing is happening to me. Now there is another report of it happening, because it is frustrating as hell.

Log into Webmail and click the "problem TAB"

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