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[Resolved] Gaping SPAMCOP DOS security hole


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I just got locked out of my account due to a gaping security hole.

Is there any human there that can fix the system to STOP this from happening.

I'd rather not explain it in an open forum, lest someone else other than the

clown who attacked my account start doing this.

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...and moved to the proper forum, please, mods.

Will do ....

Though having to admit to great curiosity as to how 'being locked out (of a Reporting Account) due to a password issue" somehow translated into a SpamCop.net e-mail account issue .... definitrly curious as to just what version of DOS (Disk Ooerating System) was being brought into the fray .. though also assuming that he actual subject was probably meant to be a DoS (Denial of Service) .. ?????? (though still not sure how to tie that to a password issue)

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