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Spam Reporting Screen not completely drawing

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Sometimes--but not always--the screen that validates that a spam Cop Report has been sent does not fully draw itself. I notice this happening when there are a large number of addresses to which the reports are being sent.

Sooooooo...an incomplete screen appears....which means that (1) I am not able to access the text box for the reporting of an additional spam message, nor (2) am I able to see the "UNREPORTED spam" alert if there is one.

The workaround is to go back to my email program and link to SpamCop one message at a time.

This anamoly has only occurred within the last couple of weeks. Up until about the middle of March or so, the report screen has been drawing completely amd consistently.

Please advise.

Thank you


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Another workaround that might be easier is to go to 'site map' from the spamcop web menu and scroll up and see if the 'Report Now' is there. Or go to any other page and then back to reporting page.

If Ellen doesn't answer this today or it doesn't heal itself, email her deputies <at> spamcop.net

Miss Betsy

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Not stated was the browser in use. Netscape has an issue made known by the collection of 1024 scratch files in its Temporary cache .. clearing those out solves a lot of issues. Though not your exact issues, but some help in locating those files is at http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=457

IE, though not known for SpamCop issues, can also exhibit strange actions when its TIF (Temporary Internet Files folders) gets overloaded and/or corrupted. Clearing out and resizing the TIF clears up a number of things. Tools | Internet Options | Delete Files (rememer to check the off-line box also) ... Settings will take you to a display that normally defaults to 10% of the C:\ drive ... back in the old days, not that bad, but with the monster drves these days, that's just too much space, both allocated and for keeping track of things

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Thanks to all for the help offered.


My browser is Safari.


Tried that. Received an alert, saying that I was not authorized to perform that function.


The particular link/button you mentioned does not show up on this incompletely drawn page.

To further elucidate:

The situation described occurs only when there are numerous reports being sent out on a single piece of spam.

if there are only three or four recipients, the report page works just fine.

But when there are say a dozen or so recipients of reports (such as are generated by hosts such as china.cn etc.) then the page does not complete its draw.

So I get: (1) no validation that reports have been sent; (2) no text box to report additional spam; and (3) no Link/Button for UNREPORTED spam.

The problem seems to be related to the number of Report recipients.

Many thanks to all


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One must begin to wonder if there's an inherent problem between SpamCop.net and the Safari browser.

Not with the www.spamcop.net page that I can add to ... the reporting page works fine with the iBook I've got sitting here ... but also realizing that at least some of the complaints deal with JT's side of the house ...??? so might it be members or mailsc (or cesmail?) ... ummmm, and I think I keep pointing out that this laptop I had tossed at me is running Jaguar, vice the complaints referencing Panther (read that as the $100+ USD operating system "upgrade")

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