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Addin for Outlook 2007 found!

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Hi there,

I thought i would share what i found... its certainly not new but i when i was looking for an addin for outlook so i could report stuff to spamcop i found old addins that didn't seem to work with office 2007 or other addins which were not free..

Anyway found this http://www.daesoft.com/SpamSource/index.htm

I installed it and you need to configure it through tools, options ... specifically stating that msg headers should be sent as a ATTACHMENT and also adding the email address of spamcop ... and stating that you are able to send multiple reports in 1 single email...

if you don't enter a spamcop reporting email you get this crazy error...

Anyway it works great....!! really nice..

I am nothing to do with spamsource but thought i would place the info here as it is free and works... so i thought others may benefit ... i know i did..

NOW! if i could only find a plugin to obtain the registrar abuse email so i could automatically send abuse to them to about a domain.. which spamcop / spamsource don't support


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Please note that, currently, it is not permitted to report from Outlook.

This is a change from when this thread first started. The problem affecting Outlook appears to suffer the same issues.

Outlook users must use the web form or some other copy & paste process to submit reports :(


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...Outlook users must use the web form or some other copy & paste process to submit reports :(


I can't do it myself, but it might be worth (someone) checking this in relation to this product (SpamSource). Ellen's announcement mentioned/left open the possibility of Outlook spam forwarding through "some other 3rd party add-in/add-on" - and this one apparently does its own thing in gathering the headers (and the body) so it rather sounds like it might avoid the Outlook-forwarding 'scrambled headers' syndrome. I confess I had simply assumed that - kudos to Andrew for being more wide-awake.

One should err on the side of caution in the meantime - but if someone can demonstrate a case where Outlook scrambles the headers on forwarding but SpamSource doesn't (that is, it retains the same received header order as shown in the copying and pasting process) then it would seem to be in the clear. Of course, not all forwarded headers from Outlook show the scrambling behavior. Does anyone have a handle on that? It might be hard to prove anything otherwise.

I'm supposing the deputies will want to consider the evidence - unless they already know the answer (I don't think so).

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