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Original SpamCop FAQ & Added Forum Items


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Starting with this posting here in the Lounge (now residing in "FAQ Under Construction") ... will put Pinned entries into the Help and E-Mail Forums pointing to this post ... and as mentioned in another Topic, an IronPort staffer has been given the task of updating the www.spamcop.net FAQ (this one points both there and within "here") so maybe even this effort has been wasted .. but hey, it's a start.

Note: the above was provided to explain the Saturday morning hack of moving the hyper-linked original SpamCop FAQ into this single-page entrance point ..

Justification #1: some folks got lost when trying to decide which link to follow.

Justification #2: original FAQ had been a constant complaint source for being incomplete, obsolete, and hard to use

Justification #3: This was only meant to be an interim step, waiting for something else to be offered up.

Justification #4: That "something better" still has yet to arrive, and even though this thing has grown to humungous proportions, complaints still appear ... though it's still apparent that a lot of folks have yet to discover what a "FAQ" actually is and the reasons of how and why to use one simply elude some ...

For the people that somehow failed to grasp that the additional 5 pages of dialog after this first post was conversational data that occurred throughout the building of this FAQ, originally left in place so that folks could follow some of the development issues, some data entries, get a clue that their input was accepted, on and on .. all that dialog has now been moved to a "new" Topic so that the "confusion" should be eliminated. All that effort is now found at SpamCop FAQ (Forum version) development

That said, for those that made it 'here' .... the list begins below .....

Last Revised : 6 May 2011

SpamCop Forum FAQ

This FAQ does not address any general SpamCop issues, what it does do is attempt to answer any question that you might have regarding the SpamCop Discussion Forums and is divided into the following sections:



<li>Maintaining & Updating Your Account

<li>My Controls & Forum Settings

<li>Login & Navigation

<li>Troubleshooting & Quick Links/Shortcuts (under construction)

<li>Change of Username

<li>SpamCop's System & Active Staff User Guide

SpamCop Glossary (Updated)

SpamCop FAQ .... (FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions)

This is a link to the original (once based on a FAQ-o-Matic tool, hyper-linked HTML web-based format. Those FAQ entries are also incorporated into the single-page access page provided below.)

<b>Jump To Section Links -></b>

<li><a href="#SCPRS">SpamCop Parsing & Reporting Service</a>

<li><a href="#FAA">How to "Forward as Attachment"</a>

<li><a href="#SCESA">SpamCop Email System & Accounts</a>

<li><a href="#SCBL">SpamCop Blocking List Service</a>

<li><a href="#GIAS">General Information about SpamCop</a>

<li><a href="#HFAD">Help for abuse-desks and administrators</a>

<li><a href="#IWSC">Interacting with SpamCop and its users</a>

<li><a href="#HWSCR">Help with SpamCop reports and spam in general</a>

<li><a href="#GQ">General questions</a>

<li><a href="#ASS">Assistance stopping spam</a>

<li><a href="#OIH">Other information, help and links</a>

<li><a href="#RAS">Recursos anti-spam en español</a>

<li><a href="#Credit">Credits & Thanks</a>

ht tp://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?act=faq&article=20 Overview of SpamCop Services

- - - - currently a broken link due to Forum upgrade - use this next one

Overview of SpamCop Services (currently under revision)

How does SpamCop reporting work?

Why am I Blocked? Forum Post

Why Am I Blocked? Probable Causes - Wiki

Has your email been blocked? (ISP, Mailing List Admin, Advertiser)

SpamCop Blocking List - Am I listed?

SenderBase's "Magnitude" Explained

Why am I getting all these bounces? Updated!

Why does SpamCop want to send a report to my own network administrator?

Password Problems?

Am I running mailing lists responsibly? Updated!

Outlook 2003 REG hack to work around MIME issues

Alternate Outlook 2003/XP e-mail submit methods

Reporting GMail filtered spam - Tutorial

Reporting GMail spam with Thunderbird via an IMAP connection

Why Outlook Express Forward doesn't work / Secure E-Mail Handling

E-Mail Address Removal, Unsubscription, & Listwashing

Yahoo Groups Mail Blocked?

Say NO to the Challenge/Response Lunacy

Cost of spam

Software Development Life Cycle principles for spam

Spammer Rules

How can I contact a SpamCop representative?

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way (language issue, but there really is only one defintion for RTFM)

Subscribe/Unsubscribe to the news.spamcop.net Mailing Lists

<a name="SCPRS"></a>

SpamCop Parsing and Reporting Service

What is this? How does it work? How do I use it?

SpamCop Report Types

SpamCop Analogous to a Credit Reporting Agency?

How do I sign up?

Rules - everybody read! (recent changes made ... you may need to re-look)

-----> On what type of email should I (not) use SpamCop?

-----> Reporting of Usenet Posts no longer allowed May 4, 2007

-----> Material changes to spam

-------> Material changes to spam - Updated!

-----> What if I break the rule(s)?

Why was my authorization revoked?

What do I need to know to get started reporting spam?

Parsing & Reporting spam - decisions, problems

How do I get my email program to reveal the full, unmodified email?

-----> See also the tutorials in the How to use .... > SpamCop Reporting section

How do I configure Mailhosts for SpamCop?

-----> Mailhost System Configuration Explanation

-----> MailHost Configuration Problems FAQ started

-----> Mailhosts Typical Questions A less technical version

-----> One version of a Step-by-step MailHost set-up

-----> "Sorry, confirmation codes do not match:" - Why?

-----> MailHostConfiguration - Wiki Version

What is Mole Reporting?

What is Quick Reporting?

How can I unsend a Report?

Member and account management questions - Report-only accounts (Free & Fuel)

How do I submit spam via email?

-----> Submit address - what is and where to find it

Is there a limit on reporting spam?

-----> 3,000 per day

-----> not older than 48 hours

-----> 50k per spam/100k per e-mail in a "multiple spam in a single e-mail" submittal

Why did my spam load increase after I started Reporting?

How do I set up SpamAssassin to work with SpamCop?

How To Get Report History

Can I automatically forward spam from my spamtraps?

SpamCop Reporting of Viruses is Back!

Browser Issues

Firefox Cookie Exception for Reporting

IE Cookie Exception for Reporting

SpamCop has quit working with Netscape 4.x

E-mail Submittal Problems / Issues

E-Mail spam submittals blocked by your ISP? Updated!

Emailed spam Submissions Disappearing? No Confirmation e-mails?

Parsing Problems / Issues

How Do I Show Full / Technical Details in a Parse?

"Header incomplete, aborting." and "No source IP address found, cannot proceed."

Causes of "Would send" and "If reported today, reports would be sent to:" messages

SpamCop said "No reports filed." What does it mean?

SpamCop said ''reports are disabled.'' What does it mean?

Steps taken by the parser, general overview

The Link Analysis Process

SpamCop reporting of spamvertized sites - some philosophy

Getting a Tracking URL from a Report ID

Insufficient Munging? Spammer 'Remove Lists'

How does SpamCop interface with SURBL?

How to handle spam sent to Report ID address

<a name="FAA"></a>Forward as Attachment Instructions

Forwarding "As Attachment" from GroupWise 6.x

Forwarding "As Attachment" from HotMail

Forwarding "As Attachment" From OE6

Forwarding "As Attachment" From SpamCop Webmail

Forwarding "As Attachment" from ThunderBird (multiple e-mails)

Forwarding "As Attachment" from Yahoo (U.S.)

Forwarding from GMail (Google Mail):contributor Xylella's steps and Xylella's follow-up

Forwarding "As Attachment" from Outlook - no longer allowed!! 6 April 2009

-- This official page is currently blank - no content

-----> New!! Boilerplate Outlook Information with work arounds October 2009

<a name="SCESA"></a>

SpamCop Email System & Accounts

What is this SpamCop Mail Service?

What is the cost?

How do I sign up?

How many SpamCop e-mail accounts do I need?

--> One is enough

--> Maybe I need three or more?

How do I sign up for multiple accounts under the family plan?

Discounted Additional Account, more detail

When does my account expire?

How do I renew my account?

How do I set up my account?

Settings for IMAP New!!

SpamCop E-Mail Account Storage Quota / Limit

What is VER (Very Easy Reporting)?

I can report and trash but not Delete from Held Folder

Jeff G.'s Guide to accessing SpamCop email using OE and IMAP

Webmail Keyboard Shortcut Reference Card

I forgot my Password / can't login / other account problems

How I use my SpamCop E-Mail account examples

Blocking and Blackhole lists available

How To Stop Filtering With The SCBL, for SpamCop Email System Customers

FAQ about the Personal Blacklist and Whitelist

FAQ about POP'ing out of SpamCop

Email System "POP Configuration" Setup

FAQ about WebMail

FAQ about Webmail: Deleting and Moving Messages

WebMail Login problems & General Slowness, First things to check

Reporting spam from Webmail

FAQ about IMAP

IMAP - Deleting E-Mail

Does SpamCop offer an SMTP server for sending out email?

-----> Beta Test Outgoing SMTP AUTH

How to save Sent Mail in SpamCop Webmail

FAQ about Filtering and Held Mail

FAQ about the personal webmail filters, Client filters within webmail

Messages not Filtered - Why?

Why does SpamCop release so much spam to me?

Jeff G.'s Guide to SpamCop Quick Reporting from a SpamCop E-Mail Account

Where are the SpamCop e-mail servers, the SpamCop Forum and SpamCop News servers located? (Atlanta Data Center Maintenance Schedule)

Does SpamCop work with AOL/MSN/Hotmail?

I want email to go from myaccount[at]myemail.com and back to the same account. Is this possible?

I want SpamCop Report traffic to go to one e-mail address, real e-mail to go to another e-mail address

When does my account expire?

Where can I get further assistance?

Why can't I receive any email?

Getting Mail From The SpamCop Email System


<a name="SCBL"></a>

SpamCop Blocking List Service

How do I configure my mailserver to reject mail based on the blocklist?

What is on the list?

How can I be de-listed

One-time automatic BL De-listing

How much does it cost?

Is it possible to download the entire blocklist?

How can I check if an IP is on the list?

If my IP is listed, does it mean I am a spammer or my ISP hosts spammers?

Why can't I get to the blocking list from ATT's network?

SCBL "will be delisted in 0 hours" (now shown as 'in a short time') explained

<a name="GIAS"></a>

General Information about SpamCop

How can I get help? How can I report a bug? How can I suggest a feature?

SpamCop Newsgroups List of active newsgroups

What are the rules for posting to the forum?

May I create a link to SpamCop from my site?

Can I get a copy of the source code for SpamCop?

Who is Julian Haight?

Why did I get a spam promoting SpamCop?

What are some general tips for responding to questions in the forum?

Adding items to the FAQ

Features and Bugs

Use the parser without reference to your mailhosts configuration

Non-SpamCop information

Make an anonymous donation to support SpamCop

Can I advertise on SpamCop?

<a name="HFAD"></a>

Help for abuse-desks and administrators

These are questions commonly asked by Internet Service Providers. Users of SpamCop need not read this (skip on down a few sections), but may find it interesting. You have probably arrived here because of a SpamCop report. Please read the introduction for information about the report you are viewing.

Introduction - What is this thing? How does it work?

SpamCop Report Types

I have been falsely and/or maliciously accused of spamming, what can I do?

How can I contact a real person about this?

The SpamCop Checkblock page says: "System has sent mail to SpamCop spam traps...." How do I get information about spam trap hits?

<a name="IWSC"></a>

Interacting with SpamCop and its users:

You are mailbombing me! How can I make it stop?

How can I get SpamCop reports about my network?

--> Additional data on ISP Accounts, Why can't I get more (actual) data?

How do I register an abuse[at] email address?

How can I get removed from SpamCop's blocking system?

Once I close a spammer's account, how can I prevent others reporting it?

How can I respond to spam complaints via email?

How can I control what type of reports I receive?

You've munged the header...

How do I get in touch with the person who filed the complaint?

<a name="HWSCR"></a>

Help with SpamCop reports and spam in general

Robots: Mailing lists and autoresponders

I didn't originate the spam. My server might have relayed this message. Why report it to me?

What does a SpamCop Report look like?

Why did SpamCop report this usenet message to me?

<a name="GQ"></a>

General questions:

Who appointed you the "cop" of the internet? Where do you get off?

My web site got terminated/threatened because of SpamCop, but I did not send the spam. What's the big idea?

Why did SpamCop submit my server to relay-testing sites?

What is your opinion of FFA (free for all) pages?

How do Deputies respond to appeals?

Abuse-queue management tools

How many other BLs am I on?

<a name="ASS"></a>

Assistance stopping spam:

I'm receiving spam reports, but my mail server logs don't reflect it. Why?

HTTP Proxies (Cisco / Squid / Mailtraq)

Formmail Original FAQ ---- Forum Update

--> One hack Explained

Notes/Domino 6 & 7 Forum : Some sources of information

Open Relay Servers

Adding BLs to Postfix

spam-sending malware

But my Exchange 2000 server is secured against relaying!

How can I control spam from my network?

How can I control unsolicited bounces?

SOCKS Proxy Servers

Links to help with removing open proxies

<a name="OIH"></a>

Other information, help and links

What other sites should I visit to help learn about, fight, handle spam?

OnGuardOnline - practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry

CAN-spam Act of 2003 - Bill Number S.877 for the 108th U.S. Congress

Abuse.net's introduction to spam: What is it and why is it bad?

Elsop's anti-spam page - lots of other links to more information

Rick's spam Digest - spam info, mechanics, tools, links

Defenses against spam

U.S. FTC spam page for the Consumer

spam <at> uce.gov replaces uce <at> ftc.gov

SamSpade - tools for the unix-deprived and other good info

Bestprac.com - A guide for all types of users on how to avoid spamming

Outlook & Exchange Solutions Center

abuse.net - ISP abuse address clearinghouse

Realtime blackhole list - blocking of selected email servers

Spamhaus - Lists ISPs who keep organized spamming alive

spam Links - Many Resources, Definitions, and Tools

The SpamCon Foundation (formerly suespammers.org)

The author of this software, Julian Haight

Net abuse jargon file - Cues for the acronym challenged

Net abuse FAQ - all about spam

An organization to fight "street spam" - those unsightly weight loss signs on the highway.

What Some Of The Stuff In An Email Header Means

Reading Email Headers.

Sneakemail is a service that gives you more control over the emails you receive.

SpamList is a config file for sendmail which agressively blocks spam. Use with caution.

SPEWS is not SpamCop, SpamCop is not SPEWS - Note the spelling

Neither is APEWS SpamCop. See http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=13802

SpamWars, a humorous kill-the-spammer browser-based game

Monitoring and reporting worm/hacking activity

Marjolein's Ban spam page - includes reporting addresses

spam Links - spam Reporting Addresses

The Crystal Cave - News, Tools, Resources to combat spam

Norman De Forest's spam Page

How Reverse DNS Works

Surf the Internet Safely

Outlook & Exchange Solutions Center

Inside Outlook Express

Anti-Phishing Working Group

U.S.DoJ Identity Theft and Fraud Information

Follow the Money; or, why does my computer keep getting infested with spyware?

Phone number spam

World-wide spam spew sources

Nigeria - The 419 Coalition Website

Suggested Free Security Tools and Apps for Windows

<a name="RAS"></a>

Recursos anti-spam en español

Campaña anti-spam de El Espectador (Uruguay)

Información básica acerca del 'spam'<a name="Credit"></a>

Credit and thanks

Noting that the above link is Julian's credit / contributor list for the stuff found at spamcop.net and JT's newsgroup and e-mail support. What follows is my list of credit for the web-based Forum stuff .... for starters, the contributors to this existing FAQ (not sure I've got a 100% identity list, don't have permission to use real names, and will probably add more items into this FAQ and forget to update this list .. apologies in advance for missing the kudos and correct attributions) ... and just to keep things a bit off-kilter, in reverse alphabetical order;


turetzsr (who does request to be known as Steve T)

Telarin (Will Russell, MCP)






Miss Betsy

Mike Easter






Jeff G.

Don Wannit





29-Mar-2012 9:35 pm Eastern Time, Steve T added FAQ entry "Where are the SpamCop e-mail servers, the SpamCop Forum and SpamCop News servers located?."

16-Jul-2012 1:21 pm Eastern Time, Steve T added FAQ entry "Forwarding from GMail (Google Mail)."

7-May-2013 2:44 pm Eastern Time, Steve T changed "setup" (noun) to "set up" (verb).

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