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Deleting one of my posts


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I think that's what I came to figure out also ... you can remove a post of yours as long as it's not the Topic starter. Assumption would be that the Topic and sub-posts are linked to that particular message ID number. I'll add a post to the Test Topic and see if that might change things a bit ..???

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And as a final clarification.

The initial post (topic starter) can not be deleted at the user level even if all replies have already been deleted or if there never were any replies.

The body of the initial post can be edited, but the minimum edit or new post is two characters. A series of spaces does not work, but a space followed by a single character (such as a period) will work.

The best option if you want to delete your initial post if there have been no replies is to edit it, replacing all text with the phrase "deleted by user"

If you what to delete your entire thread including other users replies, the best choice is to add one more reply of your own, stating that you are the topic starter and are requesting that your topic and all replies be deleted.

Management has the power to delete, but they have the right to decide on their own if the request should be honored or not.

Note: editing a post does not reset the "new message" flag, so adding a new reply is best if you want to get the attention of all that something has been edited.

Boy do I get long winded.

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Please keep in mind that in general all messages should be left so the next person with the same problem is likely to locate a solution without needing to post a question.


Very true; but this was more specificly directed to posts that were posted but really should never have been posted in the first place.

If it related to a valid question, you are very right, it should not be deleted as it may help the next person to come along.

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