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Not Updating Avg.Reporting Time?

Joon Lee

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Since I changed report method from mailsc server to webmail server via

'Report as spam ' button.

It seems like my 'Avg.Reporting time' is not being updated.

It always show '9 hours', but I believe it should be less than 4 hours.

Because, last 2-3 months, I only reported 4 hours old spams only,

and... lots of them reported..(50 a day)

I know how it is calculated, because when I reported spams via

mailsc server, if I work hard on reporting, it shows 3 hours and

happy message with it~.

Anyway, I'm sure it is NOT BEING UPDATED when the report is sent via

webmail's 'Report' button.

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The few spams I report through SpamCop (the paste-it-into-the-box web-form) are handled within minutes of receiving them. Yet, my current time is showing 9 hours. This number has been built up from one spam submitted that took it from something like a couple of hours (been so long, I don't remember) to something off the wall like 14 days. In theory, impossible, but ... I ignore that time comment.

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I fear your average, like mine, is faced with the facts of mathamatics. With the delays caused by the current outages my average has gone from 1 hour to 2 hours. If my record has been 50 per day for the last 30 days, I would need to submit 1500 spam with a delay of ZERO to get the average back down to 1 hour.

[ (50 per day X 30 days X 2 hrs) / 1500 = 2 hrs

((50 pre day X 30 days X 2 hrs) + (50 per day X 30 more days X 0hrs)) / 3000 = 1 hr


the more things you take the average of, the less effect one item (or a group of items) has on the over all average. sorry. :wacko:

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I thought it was 48 hours.

Much confusion .. the parser will reject on the 38 hour trigger

The BL response to reports is a bit ever-changing http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/297.html ... where once upon a time, the standard answer bot being on the list was "up to 48 hours" .. the line "The SCBL will not list an IP address if there are no reports against it within 24 hours." kind of makes that 38 hour thing seem wrong .. and yet, looking at the formula above in that FAQ ...??? A bit hard to say which takes precedance, the time on the list, the formula, or the threshold (which I don't even see mentioned now)

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