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Still trying to adjust to their 'new' layout ... call me old-fashioned, but I saw nothing wrong with the old (basically) text-only format ...


I liked their old format too. But it's seems easier to find some things now.

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I have been using pricewatch for awhile now and will never use it again. There ratings are being stat padded and Pricewatch has knowledge that companys are using their service as a means to commit a crime/fraud/theft, and they do nothing, about it.

Thier rating system demonstrates they recognize the need to identify frauds, and their lack of policing thier sellers based on consumer feed back in a blatant disregard for consumer protection.

This used to be a good place, many of the good companies dont list here any longer because of the re***tion pricewatch has acquired through thier inactions. Companies like PC Parts and BZ Boyz and others are criminal enterprises as far as I am concerned.

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