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Thanks for the help...


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I see that Miss Betsy and Merlyn have both recently achieved the coveted 'Been there' status and that dra007 is likely to gain four blobs under the name quite soon.

To each, thanks for the continued helpful contributions in these forums.


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...Thanks, also, to dbiel for agreeing to take on Forum Moderator responsibilities, joining the outstanding team of Wazoo and Jeff G!


and StevenUnderwood. For those that care about such things, the following Links are in the "Board Statistics" Section near the bottom of SpamCop Discussion: The moderating team and Overall top 10 posters.

I'd like to add my thanks to all the contributors here. We may not always agree, but we can almost always keep the discussions civil. :)

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and StevenUnderwood.



...blush. How could I forget Steven? That's what I get for counting what I see on a screen rather than reading (I knew there were three moderators and saw three names on the "Moderators" page and didn't notice that Steven's name was there but that Wazoo's name was not [presumably because Wazoo has a different classification]).
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Wazoo is officially the Admin (but still an unpaid volunteer)

But even as Admin, his access is still somewhat limited as he does not have full Adminsitrative control which actually belongs to JT.

Wazoo has done a wonderful job of rebuilding the forum sturcture, adding additional forums, structuring the SpamCop Forum Based FAQ and a HTML based Forum Specific FAQ (how to use the SpamCop Forum).

Have you looked at SpamCop Forum FAQ, work in progress as well as the ever growing Original SpamCop FAQ & Added Forum Items, Never up to date, changes often?

In the mean time Steven and Jeff have taken on much of the day to day forum moderation.

A special big thanks to Wazoo, Steven and Jeff with a combined current posting count of 10,050 accounting for nearly 1/3 of all forum posts.

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