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yourbuddy trolling 6


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SpamCop doesn't seem to care about the individuals that lose email service.

They like to "carpet bomb" and forget about the "collateral damage". If they

could use the "Bush Doctrine" of "pre-emptive strikes", they likely would.

SpamCop Mail uses the alleged "blocklists" to sort email into inbox and probable spam folder. None of these lists are actually anything but a "sortlist" nothing is bounced

Out of interest try making a 8 Alphanumeric Hotmail throwaway address and send an email to a comcast user Then watch comcast mail bomb that account with spam!

This is all Comcast presently are doing all over the planet out of a 100 emails from Comcast all 100 are spam. Often pornographic, bank fraud, software piracy, etc. I for one do not wish to see this and SpamCop puts with absolute accuracy for me in a folder to be checked and if need be automatically reported (ComCast are ignoring these reports)

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And so does SpamCop - to ISP clients.

SpamCop sends email to people responsible for IP Address Ranges containing IP Addresses which perpetrate or facilitate spamming activities (as registered by those people with SpamCop or their IP Registrar), to domain abuse contacts (as registered with abuse.net), and to postmaster and abuse addresses (as specified in Internet Standards 3 and 11 and Requests For Comment 822, 1123, 2142, and 2821). SpamCop does not send email indiscriminately to "ISP clients."

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Hard of reading are you ..

SpamCop "cuts off" innocent users by "perhaps legitimately" listing the ISP.

This is all very gratifying ...

Just one response from me, and I get my next "yourbuddy trolling" number.

Dealing with SpamCop fanatics ...

More fun than watching George W. trying to be coherent.

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