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Returning Member Question

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Know not why, but this was posted into SpamCop Discussion > Discussions & Observations > SpamCop Email System & Accounts ... Moved over to the Reporting Help Forum section. (PM sent to advise of the move)

Apparently not noticed/ignored was the user-to-user notification.

This needs "official" support, as the database would have to be touched. (Noting that there should be no issue in creating a "new" account ..???) There are several locations of the "Contact Us" list available in the SpamCop FAQ ... Announcements listing, forum section, etc. .....

There is also an entry in the SpamCop FAQ here titled Password Problems, Two different password solutions. which also covers some of the same ground.

Not stated is how long ago the previous account was held/died .... going back to years ago, Julian ran e-mail accounts on his own servers .. whereas today SpamCop.net e-mail accounts are a separate service provided by JT .... and that's just guessing that the "therob[at]spamcom.net" was possibly a typo (I can't get spamcom.net to resolve at all)

Perhaps a visit to the Start here before you make your first post ... would be in order? or possibly What is SpamCop.net? or Where to get Help

EDIT: further research has me confused now .... previous postings were all done in the "E-Mail Account" Forum section, as it was then stated that it was a SpamCop.net e-mail account being used (and paid for) ... and even then, it looks like the FAQ here wasn't looked at ...

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therob joined years ago, some of his config details mentioned in his first post http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?...post&p=9827 some of which was corrected in subsequent posts.

Edited addendum

[Could do with moving back I guess (I'm confused), but other(s) are reading, OP could do without the three-card shuffle until he catches up. Loads of data already provided on solving the problem, whichever password it is, which is the main concern].

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As pointed out by Farelf - therob seems to be having problems with an expired email account. Originally setup in May 2004 had problems setting up POP

I am using smtp.mchsi.com and mail.mac.com and all of my accounts say "Cannot contact server". I just signed up as a memeber last night so maybe I have missed something.

Thank you

Rob Owen


Then in August 2005 got confused about renewing his email account and added fuel to his reporting account in error. see http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?...ost&p=31685

Now in October 2006 is have a problem renewing the same email account.

Please see SpamCop Email System Account Renewal and follow the instructions for renewing an email account.

Topic moved back to the SpamCop Email System & Accounts Forum. PM sent to therob including link to renewal url.

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I was a flatrate member previously and would like to return but signing up causes an error that the username is taken and trying to sign in using that name causes a sign in error.

For help with a flat-rate Spamcop Email account you're going to need to contact 'JT'. Take a look at


I suppose you could also just try renewing your old Email address at the renewal page but since you've been away awhile I'd advise contacting the admin first.


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