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Diplaying HTML emails

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Hello to All,

I get newletter emails from serveral reliable sources that don't display properly. There is no header attached to get the HTML display and the sender's address is in my whitelist. How do I get the following to display properly?

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"




<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

<title>Winning Streak Ends</title>

<style type="text/css">

body {background-color: #ccc;margin: 0;padding: 0;font: normal 11px Arial,

<all kinds of unneeded data snipped here>



[Moderator edit - placed in codebox. I think we could have done without the full, gory detail but conserving it for the moment on sufferance]

[Admin Edit - snipped out the unnecessary data in the posted sample of an HTML e-mail. It's not like no one here has never seen one before. Bu more importantly, the really needed data to get to the bottom of this particular e-mail's issue was in fact not provided within all that stuff posted ... specifically, the headers and MIME Boundary data. Killed off the data not usable to resolve the impact made to both this Forum section and the Portal page due to the excessively long lines in the posted data, which was then compounded by the 'codebox' edit ....]

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I have noticed that the SpamCop web mail system cannot display HTML emails that aren't multipart.

If the question was to display an html email in the webmail system, the answer is above. Unless the message is sent in multipart, you will only see the text part. If properly sent in multipart (email is defined as text only, and been adapted to enable html) there will be a linked attachment you can open in the webmail system.

All messages should be properly displayed when downloaded to a client that supports HTML messages.

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I am a bit baffled and a bit twisted about the Topic Starting post.

The whole (?) of a spam body was posted here withoout thr headers that would be where the questions would have been answered. (That the description / query stated that there were no headers is a fact that certainly can't be true .... if the headers didn't 'define' the content, then .... what's the question again?)

The flip side is, Moderator action was to meant to lessen the excessive use of vertical space used to display all this posted crap that offered nothing to the query or discussion. The downside to that is the formatting controls are knocked out so as to 'display the code' correctly .... This translates into .... the Portal page (as seen at http://forum.spamcop.net/ ) has been blown competely to smithereens, as this is a Topic Starting Post, and therefore picked up as 'recent activity' in the Forum.

I'll let this stand for a bit, so some can 'see' what I'm talking about .. but ....

Back to the standard line here .... want to talk about a spam ... the Tracking URL is the preferred method of passing that data forward. In this particular case, well over 95% of the post content was unnecessary .. in contrast to 95% of the 'needed' data that wasn't included within that post ....

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Puzzlement about the formatting controls comment above until I viewed the portal in IE7 (also this forum topic). Aaagh! It's fine in Mozilla (which I usually use) & FireFox. The starting post, this topic, was "wide" in Mozilla too, until the HTML stuff was put into the codebox. Then it was fine. In Mozilla and FireFox.

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I get newletter emails from serveral reliable sources that don't display properly. There is no header attached to get the HTML display and the sender's address is in my whitelist. How do I get the following to display properly?

First of all .. the on-line Help screen says;

Multipart/Alternative Messages

Some message have been sent as a "multipart/alternative" type by the sender. These messages have several parts, all displaying the SAME CONTENT but in DIFFERENT FORMATS. The mail agent will display the last part in the list that can be successfully displayed inline in the browser, if any. All other formats will appear under the heading "Alternative parts for this section" and can be viewed or downloaded separately. It is important to note that these alternative parts contain the SAME CONTENTS as the part that is shown - they are simply in a different media format (e.g. text vs. HTML output).

That you say 'nothing shows up' suggests that these e-mails are coming from folks that have somehow decided that their message can't be understood when viewed as plain-text ... so a plain-text bodu cntent was not provided .. or they mis-configured their software, pricedures so as not to include a plain-text portion into their outgoing e-mail ....

Going the other way, on a 'properly configured' HTML e-mail .. there is a clickable option to 'display' that version of the e-mail body section ...


In this example, the 'magic' button in this case would be the 'link' found as the word 'unnamed' .... this would open up another screen that would show the HTML block of that e-mail ....

As stated in a few different ways, the e-mail construct starts with the definition of bocy content within the headers .. then gets manipulated with the MIME settings from there on out .... if the header lies or the MIME boundaries are not correct, then yes, one gets a mangled e-mail in the process .... and in the case as I used to offer an example of all that stuff being correct, then it's back to understanding the tools in use ....

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