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Email with non-standard ports?

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Some email programs DO let you change the ports that are used for sending (SMTP - normally port 25) and receiving (POP3 - normally port 110) email - I am pretty sure Outlook / Outlook Express both do.

If the program does not have a box you can change the port in try changing the POP3 server host name - for instance if it now says:


Try changing it to - pop3.your-isp.com:new-port-number - for example:


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It is interesting how the same question (or varriation of the same question) pops up at about the same time in different places

see http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=2060

From what I have tested, it appears the that only ports used by SpamCop are the standard ports:

110 for POP3

143 for IMAP

25 for SMTP (only allowed if sending from within the web mail interface)

Inserted Edit based on reply by Wazoo

We support SSL but not secure passwords at this time. But, if the user uses SSL then their password will be encrypted even if it's supposedly "plain".  The SSL covers the entire session and encrypts all the data, even the password.

The standard SSL port is 995

Note when I use port 994 I do get a warning that the security certificate does not match the internet address, but one click will set that aside until the next log in.

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The "Use SSL" Checkbox in "POP Configuration" is used to have the SpamCop Email System POP from your other MSP using SSL on your behalf.

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