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Help, Admin! Email troubles - no subject lines

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I've tried posting this in the newsgroups and was informed the forums are now the appropriate place to ask questions of admin and informed users.

Over the last couple of days, my email has been stripped of subjects and attachments. Both have been inserted into the body of the email as text. This appears to be the case when the email (or spam) is viewed using webmail, dl'ed into Outlook Express or into Mac mail. No subjects, no attachments separate from the body of the message.

I've made no changes to my spamcop account over the last two days and my ISP assures me that everything looks fine on their end. I tend to believe them, as three other e-addresses I've assigned to family members using the same ISP are completely fine - except that none of them filters through SC.

Again, no problem with three of four identical accounts, except the one filtered through SC. I've made absolutely no changes of any kind in my account set up, either with my ISP or SC. This all began without warning after three years trouble free SC use.

Could someone in admin please check my account for bugs?



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That is interesting, as I have seen no other reports of this and my messages (through last night) have come through without problem.

I would agree it might be something with your account, though I can't guess what it might be. You could email support<at>spamcop.net to contact the admin of the system with more details (account, perhaps the full source of a sample message).

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Just for historical / background, Jean had posted in a couple of different newsgroups, re-did some Subject Lines, and wasn't getting but some grief over the re-postings .... I provided this "over there" ...


Well, now that you're all upset, I'll just reinforce the

support elsewhere thing ... JT's decision was that

the Filtered E-mail account support would be done

over in the web-based Forums. As far as your

issue of the last few days, I can only tell you that

there is no one over there making the same

complaint. So you can point out that SpamCop is

the only thing in common, but the large numbers of

other users kind of suggests that it isn't a SpamCop

thing ... not saying that your particular account and

Folder set might not be hosed ... it just doesn't

sound like that this is the prime cause ...

Please see http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?


As stated, there's no sign of others having this problem, and one would think that over a few days, there'd be postings (either here or there) ... bur to follow up on Steven's words, give JT enough data to pull up your account, if that's the next step you're going to take.

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In addition to the support<at>spamcop.net address, you might want to try sending to service<at>cesmail.net, which is the address given at the bottom of the "Sales Receipt" message sent out when buying a SpamCop account.

David T.

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Would disagree a bit .. one, you're talking to the same guy with both addresses ... two, I'm guessing that the two addresses are offered in order to separate the issues ....


OK...but where do people find this in a FAQ? And, on a related note, if we find problems with the FAQ stuff online, where do we report the problems? There's and existing FAQ that states:

"If you would like to add new items to the FAQ, or make corrections, post your suggestion to the forum, and once it has been beaten up a bit by the grammar police, it will usually be added."

But the link embedded there is out of date, and eventually leads you to links to the Help and Email forums, but doesn't suggest which forum to post FAQ problems to.


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if we find problems with the FAQ stuff online, where do we report the problems?


In general, problems with the FAQ are best discussed in the FAQ Under Construction Forum. They can also be discussed in a particular Forum if the subject matter of the FAQ is specific to the subject matter of that particular Forum, or in the FAQ's Topic if the FAQ has a Topic.
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