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Attachments Getting Dropped

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I am having problems sending attachments from within the web interface, If i attache a .doc of .pdf file, the attachement gets uploaded fine to the server for sending but the attachement never gets sent.

.zip files on the other hand only upload fine and send fine. If i look within my sent items the .doc or .pdf files arenot attached but the zips are

any suggestions anyone



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Spent a bit of time searching ... results of previous questions and answers here;


says "resend as a .zip"


no response from user


another no-response


shrug of the sholders


long discussion

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Wish I had had something that really answered your question ... As you found, all I could gather is that one person had issues, others couldn't duplicate it, sometimes the problem went away, sometimes it was just a mission impossible thing ... glad you found an acceptable quick fix. But will note that JT has some other things going on, a new web-mail application being BETA tested for instance ...

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Just to add another vote on this issue, I don't need a response because I use another email client when I need an attachment to go through.

I just wanted to say, that in my experience I have about a 40% probability of getting an attachment through. I went through the forums a few times, and already looked at those links too. Literally, attachments->browse->attach->attachment = "success"->add another and the first vanishes, or send and it never gets picked up. I've had this issue for a couple years.

Can't try Firefox when I'm on the road on another's computer or at the university's labs.

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I have recently been having trouble with adding attachments to emails using Spamcop's web interface and came across this thread. I send many attachments and have not found a correllation between attachment type (image, mpeg, doc, pdf, zip) and whether or not the attachment has gone through. I use IE 6.0 both at work and at home, and do not have the luxury of upgrading to Firefox at this point (at least at work). This is a highly irritating issue. The only solution that we have found recently (we being my husband and I, who both use Spamcop), is to forward the attachment first to ourselves [at]spamcop and then forward on to its intended recipient. This may be why those who have tested have not had trouble with the attachments - obviously if you're sending to yourself, the attachements are working for whatever reason.

Thought I'd add my $02.


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I don't think it's necessarily a browser issue. I've been doing a lot of testing today using IE 6.0 on Windows XP (a fairly common combination), and out of several dozen transmissions with attachments from the webmail system, two of them lost their attachments. Both of those happened to be sent to my Hotmail address, while all of the attachments I sent directly to my broadband mailbox made it through. It's too early to tell if that is significant. I'll try to test some more, if I have time.


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