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What happened to the "ding-a-ling"?

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Starting with the easy question ... Options | Message Options | New Mail

Is the 'play sound' box checked? Not sure how this translates to anything other than the InBox, but .... have to start somewhere. Scrolled through the code involved with the 'logged-in InBox display' a number of times and saw nothing there that would suggest a sound for Held Folder content ....????

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Sorry I meant new mail and yes the box is checked.

I can't help as I never remember there being a chime on logon and I don't use New mail notifications at all since I am not usually logged in continuously to SpamCop. Being away from all computers for 7 days could be helping that amnesia, however.

You have probably already checked but, have you done any upgrades recently? I notice on the setting page: This requires your browser to support embedded sound files. Almost all do on Windows and Mac, but other platforms will require a plugin.

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No upgrades. I'm using Vista Ultimate and I do remember authorising some audio plug-in at some stage.

It worked until a few days ago.

Same version I am using on my laptop. As stated, I was on vacation last week and purposely left both my laptop (work issued) and work cell phone at home. I was amazed I did not miss the computer, but did not really think about it until the flight home when I saw several other people (with their families) using theirs.

I do have more than 100 unread messages in my inbox (checked the count today) so I know what I'm doing tomorrow ;)

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Upgrades and Patches has had me distracted for a long while, as checks on th various systems around here led to some very strange (and thus far unexplained) results. Therefore, the plan is to split all those posts out into a new Topic/Discussion and move them to the Geek/Software Forum sections.

On the original Topic ....

set the flag for the sound on new e-mail

compared cookies (before and after) .... don't see that this bit is set there

With new e-mail in the Inbox .. logged in with IE under Windows, Safari under OS-X, complaint included FF

Win-XP Home - no sound (Windows Media Player Version 9)

Win-XP Pro - no sound (Windows Media Player Version 9)

Win-98 - no sound (Windows Media Player Version 7)

OS-X 10.2.xx - no sound

Logged in via IE under Win-XP-Pro ... sent e-mail via GMail to the SpamCop.net account.

saw it arrive under via an IMAP connection on another computer

However, there was still no sound notification made

e-mail going upstream.

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1. XP patch.upgrade stuff split out .. now found at Win-XP Patches, Upgrades, and such

2. JT's reply .... nothing they've done recently. Not used personally. No clue as to how it's supposed to work, or if it ever did. Suggests the typical scenario of something not handled gracefully by all browsers.

3. Nothing from Trevor.

4. Apparent plan would seem to be that if/when I get the time (have to mention attitude too, just to be honest) it looks like I'll have to download this application and do some code-chasing on my own. Issue there is that I have no idea what all got modified to work/run on JT's servers, so this might end up being a huge waste of time. Of coure, I won't know until I do it ....

What I find a bit odd is that there isn't more piling on going on here ... I recall some 'sound notification' complaints in the (ancient) past .. I seem to recall a request or two (should be in the New Feature Request section) for adding a 'sound notification' to the Held folder. Having to make the assumption that no one else used it or has missed it ... but nothing thus far to work with the scenario that it worked "up until a few days ago" for you .... my 'testing' only seemed to have reinforced that it's not working now.

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Sorry I meant new mail and yes the box is checked.

FYI for what it's worth...

I've not tried the sound option, but the other option on the same page for notification of new mail is "Display pop-up".

Webmail pop-up notification of new mail hasn't worked for me in years. See this thread.

Oddly, if I open the "held mail" folder I *do* get the pop-up if there is new held mail. That's not much good to me, as what I'm after is to minimize the browser and then get the pop up when there's new mail in the Inbox. The check/refresh every happens every 15 minutes, as it is set. But no pop up since 2005 or so. :(

This happens regardless of what platform, OS, browser is used. Mac/PC, Seamonkey/IE/Firefox etc etc etc.

I wrote to the support address suggested in that thread but got no reply. Looking at it now, I suspect the wrong address was suggested for webmail issues.

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...I wrote to the support address suggested in that thread but got no reply. Looking at it now, I suspect the wrong address was suggested for webmail issues.
Thanks for the observations & update Larry. But um no ... that address JeffG quoted looks OK to me. You could try service[at]cesmail.net as well but I'm, not aware of either one being more successful than the other. There's the contact form, which I understood is supposed to receive priority (if only because it might be used for la dernier cri of some lost soul who has misplaced their mail connection): Contact us. Funny, I used to think losing mail connectivity might be a terrible fate ... but I digress.
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From: "Wazoo"

To: "JT"

Cc: "trevorb"

References: <00b901c83ba1$270372d0$6501a8c0[at]HPorGateway> <20071211175221.52lr67v7i8o4scw4[at]webmail.spamcop.net>

Subject: Re: new e-mail sound notification

Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2007 18:41:25 -0600

OK, that Topic has expanded with another user pointing back to a

2005 posting/e-mail about the pop-up notification found on the same

WebMail Options/Preferences screen ... and he states that the issue

has never been answered/resolved.

Normally, this would look like something that I'd download and do

some code-busting on my own to see if I could sort out where the

problem might be. However, I have no idea just how much

modification has been done to integrate with the other SpamCop.net

functions, display screens, etc. That would require access to one

of those servers ... or is it possible that it was this

'integration' issue that may have stopped this apparent Horde/IMP

'default' code to have been disabled?

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From: "Wazoo"

To: "JT"

Cc: "trevorb"

Subject: Re: new e-mail sound notification

Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2007 03:47:42 -0600

OK, found some time .. went searching

no current Bugs listed

no traffic in the IMP mailing list archives over the last month

Per the files seen in the CVS repository ....

The magic happens in the IMP/folders.php file

However, that invokes a call to a Horde/Framework file

../notification.Listener.php which sets-up the "class

Notification_Listener" object .... this file then makes a

require_once call to the /Event.php file (however, this only seems

to talk about text files .. apparently for stuffing the error log/)

At any rate, I'm thinking that this boils down to a configuration of

the Framework portion .. the code there hasn't seemed to change that

much 'recently' .... the last headers I pulled up state the use of

IMP 4.14, but I actually couldn't find my way through the repository

to find this version of code ... yet noting that the 'sound / pop-up

notification' stuff was added late last year, so would have to

assume that most of it is in place on your installed version.

However, one thing noted ... all the code I looked at includes an

option to select from 'other' sound files ... I don't see that

option on the Options/Preferences screen 'here' .... so again,

looking at a configuration issue, no sounds added, made selectable,

whatever ...

None of this actually ties into the 'worked until a couple of days

ago' scenario, but .... hoping that some pointers might help in

tracking the issue down...????

<previous content snipped>

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Someone else have some time? Question is .... what browsers would not accept this as valid/working HTML?

[ Horde ] / framework / Notification / Notification / Listener / audio.php

	function getMessage($message)
		$event = $this-&gt;getEvent($message);
		echo '&lt;embed src="', htmlspecialchars($event-&gt;getMessage()),
			 '" width="0" height="0" autostart="true" /&gt;';

This is the code that should cause a sound (audio file) to play when activated .... but as above, I have no knowledge of any configuration settings/sound-file availability on JT's system ... just looking at ruling out the suggested 'browser hack' issue being involved.

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I sort of got used to the chime when signing into my webmail and there was mail waiting in "Held Mail" but it seems to have stopped doing it.

Just to close off my original post - the elusive chime has returned. It coincided with me reducing my page display to 50 emails per page from 100. Perhaps this had some bearing on it?

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