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What I got for xmas


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A very nasty surprise, which of course, I simply had to share with you all <g>

When JT set up this 'new' server, he did exactly what I asked him to do, installed an 'old' version of the MySQL software. At that time, one of the tools I'd added here didn't fly under the 'current' MySQL version. So As I sat here, I updated my Ubuntu system, then did the same for my Debian system. Which then led to thoughts of updating this server. And that's where the fun began.

A 'new' version of MySQL showed up in the 'updated' list, so that was included in my "yes .. do it" action. However, the 'packages' didn't meld well, basically the 5.0.22 version added itself in as a front-end for the 4.11 system that was actually installed and running. This led to the 'ouch' condition that you've all seen for the last few days. Note that no Announcement was made, basically as the system wouldn't run long enough that anyone would be likely to see it. As I had been handling things by restarting the MySQL server everytime it crashed (anywhere from say 10 minutes to an hour+) .. I finally had to admit that I needed some sleep and put the Forum 'off-line' for a while .... admit that I took some time to also make some rounds of the neighborhood while in that mode..

To those that keep reiterating the "just replace Windows with Linux" mantra, one can only see that those folks don't actually run production servers. Many folks talk about the great and mountainous documentation provided for the Ubuntu distribution of Linux, yet ..... none of the existing documentation actually had usable information on exactly how to back out those changes I'd just added in. The only command line that would have done anything close would have actually removed everything to do with MySQL, which I wasn't in the mood to do. End result, ended up doing a full install/upgrade to the 5.0.22 version.

Assume that sometime during all the 'crashing' the database got a bit hosed. That took some more time to come up with a solution, as the analyze, repair commands and tools weren't flying. Got 'er done sometime in the wee hours this morning, it's ran for several hours now ... new user Registered, made a post about the SpamCop.net scam, that Discussion allowed a response or two, so ....

I believe I can now say ... Welcome back everybody! Happy Holidays! I'm back to enjoying my Sunday morning Blues & Boogie, streaming from www.kggo.com and actually enjoying a cold cup of coffee.

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Still not sure at all about things. It ran all through the wee hours this morning. But of course, I nodded off for a bit, woke up, and found it dead again. So started looking in 'new' places for problems. One of the last things I did was changing a configuration bit for this Forum app .... one of those that shouldn't have made a difference, running just fine for so long, but .... what a difference that one-line change made.

As stated in my last e-mail to JT, there's yet another issue or two that I haven't figured out, yet everything seems to be working for some reason <g>

Thanks for hanging in folks.

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