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Sent Mail Folder is empty

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Hi, I would appreciate very much if someone could give me some hints how I can arrange that any sent mail appears in my sent mail folder in Webmail.

If I sent an email via Webmail I never find a copy in the sent mail folder. Only when sending via POP3/SMTP with Thunderbird a copy of the mail gets uploaded in the sent mail folder... Where do I need to configure what so that every mail appears in the sent mail folder also?

I checked all help and various forums here, but can't find anything.

Thanks very much in advance,


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The following instructions should help you to save Sent Mail in SpamCop Webmail:

  • Click the "Options" Button or browse to https://webmail.spamcop.net/horde/imp/prefs.php or http://webmail.spamcop.net/horde/imp/prefs.php.
  • In the "Your Information" Column on the left, click the first Link, "Personal Information".
  • Click the "Edit your identities" Link.
  • Select an Identity (by default you just have the "Default Identity"). Come back to this step if you have any other Identity or Identities you wish to change.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • Check the "Save sent mail" Checkbox.
  • Choose the appropriate "Sent mail folder" ("sent-mail" by default).
  • Make any other changes as appopriate.
  • In the bottom left corner, click the "Change" Button.
  • In the bottom center, click the "Return to Personal Information" Button.
  • In the bottom left corner, click the "Save Options" Button.
  • Go back to what you were doing in Webmail.

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  • 4 months later...
It's in the FAQ now.


HUH? aren't there more than 1 FAQ?

There's FAQs in help, from SC home, clicked on Email help and think am getting one of the below.

There's another in forums from the top thread called "under construction".

There's one inside there among others, called "Original, changes often"

I don't know how many really guys. It confounds me, which is the real one. And I got here from the original FAQ. But it takes you to a post 11-23-04 which is *NOT* what I expected. Maybe it was supposed to take you to Jeffs instructions *IN* the thread? That might be better. If I was confused, who knows about the rest of newbies.

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Each of the Forum sections has a link (unfortunatly due to this app and my lack of being able to beat on it a bit .. some go to another link first) to Original SpamCop FAQ & Added Forum Items

(EDIT: Fixed this issue today 23 Apr 2005)

The item was developed by me, starting with the FAQ data on the www.spamcop.net Help page, so all that data is included .. but then 'we' went on to expand the contents of this FAQ. There is a ton load of commentary that follows this FAQ that should shed some light .. bottom line, there's but a couple of folks that have access to the www.spamcop.net web pages, that FAQ has been complained about for as long as I can remember (which goes back to the very early days of SpamCop) ... whereas 'here' everybody can get involved.

The location itself was moved into a (new) "FAQ under Construction" Forum section when I was given the power to manipulate things here. You'll note that there are other FAQs in this section, and the opportunity exists for any other (registered) user to help start more if needed or desired.

Perhaps screen size/resolution, but your link does take me to the first post in that discussion, but JeffG's answer is on my screen ...??? But yes, usually links like that will take you to a post ....

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Perhaps screen size/resolution, but your link does take me to the first post in that discussion, but JeffG's answer is on my screen ...???  But yes, usually links like that will take you to a post ....


Ahh sir, I bet I uderstand this part. Because I use threaded view I only see 1 post then the thread outlined below. If i recall, you like to use another view, hence your replys are not indentured if seen in that view?

so, for any view, a FAQ should still be pointing to the exact post, not just the upper-most in the thread. THAT would be my perfect world! ;)

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Dang, and just about the time I was thinking I was getting close enough to be caught up on things that I was even going to reply to your last PM ....

Point taken, will look, but in my defense, this was supposed to be a temporary thing when I kicked it off ... (as I recall DavidT (?) was going to start the revolt at the time <g>) .. and Some of these links were to the 'middle' of a discussion, such that the (FAQ) answer wasn't written as a stand-alone item, so as in this case, I chose the 'question' part of that discussion as the entry point for the FAQ data ... Technically, it'd be nice if someone would hit the FAQ under Construction Forum and handle something like this .. rewrite it so it would be a stand-alone item ...???

I've got Dad's surprise B'day party tomorrow to finish setting up at a brother's house, so will be a bit more occupied with that ...

and while I'm typing ... <g> is old stuff, from back in the days of (300 baud and up!) BBSs and (D)ARPANET .. shorthand for <grin> .....

I edited the OS-X post in the "How to Use .." Forum, finding even more stuff to correct .. thanks for the heads-up on the errors ... However, while fixing the Forum FAQ pointers today, I noticed that I'd written up another one in the E-Mail set-up Forum, and I saw some stuff there that needs fixed (and haven't made it back there yet) ... Can't recall the timing, but both were written while troubleshooting someone else's issue, them having provided me with their account data, such that I could try to 'see' their issues ... and while doing that, taking notes on how I was banging on an iBook, flipping them onto a Windows system, then posting the results .. so there was some bit of "hurry up and fix the user's issue," scan and memorize what I could of a side of the house I don't use, and flipping keyboards around ... and apparently, didn't take the time to do a double-check of what I'd posted ... again, thanks for the time and PM

Later note: Strange, only one copy of this OS-X thing exists, made some more edits .... don't know where I came up with some of the above stuff (wondering the whole time editing why I wouldn't have simply copied what I'd already done, then attempting to pull rhe 'other copy' and getting lost ... sleep or coffee .. one of them things needed <g>

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(as I recall DavidT (?) was going to start the revolt at the time <g>)

Oh my...I seem to have entirely forgotten about it. I haven't the foggiest what you're talking about, Wazoo, and that's got me worried....I'm not all that old...yet. ;-)


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