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Error with Spamcop email servers?

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I've got lots of mails since yesterday, but now I continue to receive some messsages sent to me on 7th March, so I guess all is not completely resolved and I'm still missing some mails, but of course impossible to estimate real %.

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I disagree that anyone has been particularly abusive or crossed any lines here. Due to the ridiculously slow response to this current outage and then the minimal information shared about what's going on or what's being done to make things like this less frequent, I think criticism is quite warranted, but that's just my opinion.


...To paraphrase the wise words of someone here that I respect: "I guess you missed his point, so Steve (Farelf) must not have been clear. Let me try again on his behalf." :) <g> No one said that complaints are unwarranted. However, the line of inquiry begun at linear post 36 regarding alternative services, however understandable, is probably unwise to be pursued here in another service supported by the one proposed to be abandoned and would be better pursued in an entirely independent venue.
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However, the line of inquiry begun at linear post 36 regarding alternative services, however understandable, is probably unwise to be pursued here in another service supported by the one proposed to be abandoned and would be better pursued in an entirely independent venue.

Yes, that was clearly *part* of his forum admin admonition, and actually the denizens here did exactly that--an outside venue was created and that's where further talk of alternative services is taking place. None of us participated in any extended discussion of that here, so I think that issue has been laid to rest.

What I was pointing out had to do with Farelf's clear reference to linear post 50 which he called out as getting "...all graphic and personal in abusing the proprietor and/or his staff..." and while the post used stereotypes intended to be humorous, it might have been in poor taste. I still stand by my statement that it wasn't really abusive, and that the brief mention of alternative services didn't cross any lines, but as they used to say before LOL became the only common TLA on teh internets, YMMV. :lol:


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Nothing trickier that standing up for someone else and imagining their offence at something "said" - also a much misused device in oration of the baser political kind - however being rather silly and quite apolitical (despising all politicians with equal disdain or even total contempt) I hesitated not. Well, not a lot.

My touchstone on discourse is to say "turn it around", if the author(s) would be perfectly comfortable with such comment directed at him/her (under like circumstance) then of course it is not abusive by their standards and can be (at least) halfway forgiven. By them. I supposed that to be case (I'm generous like that) but notwithstanding the humorous tone and lack of evident malice (and it was indirect) I supposed it had the power to be hurtful because it was (clearly) personal. It certainly shouldn't be either sustained or condoned, IMO.

It ought to be an equal offence to be too easily injured as to be the cause of injury but that is not quite how it works, in my observation. In any event, to parrot David, it has been laid to rest; people posting here are a good bunch despite the frazzlement to which they are routinely subjected by foes and sometimes by friends (plurry spellchecker wanted to make that "fiends"). No fault, no foul, just "be nice", eh?

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Well said Steve.

The one thing I think everyone could agree on would be better communication from the staff perhaps? A message should go up on the News Page as soon as someone knows there is a problem, not when they've fixed it.

That might curtail some of the more questionable comments and curb a lot of anxiety expressed here and elsewhere.

As far as their Twitter page goes, well, that seems to have been abandoned.

I came here this morning simply to post that the servers are still playing 'catch-up' - approximately a 12 hour delay as of time of this post. I haven't received any mail yet that was sent with today's date and I know there has to be some.

Those servers must be really busy.

As a former IT manager, I can understand that when things are hot, the first priority is to get things fixed. That being said, I have a few questions for Jeff -- 1) What was the "single point of failure" and have you taken steps to avoid single points of failure in the future? 2) What's with all the freakin' secrecy about what's going on? As paying customers do you not think you owe it to us to let us know a LITTLE more about what's going on with things? 3) Do you run any sort of monitoring system with an alarm to let you know when something goes wrong (i.e. What's Up Gold, etc?) 4) Do you have 24/7/365 monitoring of your systems? 5) Do you have plans for more redundancy so that a single point of failure WON'T take everything down next time???

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Good luck getting those answered mrmaxx, I have asked one or two of them on multiple occasions to no avail.

And that's mainly what seems to be pissing people off -- no communication during GOOD times and very little during problems.

Edit: Just fired off a PM to "Email Support" explaining that security through obscurity is NOT good security and that, while it's admirable to not want to release any more information than can be avoided to spammers, the silence from CES Mail regarding what *exactly* went wrong and what they're doing to prevent future catastrophic failures is NOT generating any good will with their customers.

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